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Research on the Key Technologies of Reinforcement of Dilapidated Arch Bridge with Suspender

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Tutor: ZhangZhiGuo
School: Shijiazhuang Railway Institute
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: change of hanger rod,holt hoop iron,fork earrings,no damage of bridge deck,equiv
CLC: U445.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Based on the west bridge in Xinchang, a main span of 84 meters of reinforced concrete arch bridge, aiming at the original design without considering the question of the replacement suspender cable, techniques to substitute the corrosion suspender cable is studied. Through theoretical analysis, finite element method and on-site testing, the key technical problems are solved in the old and dangerous tied-arch bridge reconstruction project, such as the anchor construction and design method, non-destructive control standards for deck replacement, twice equivalent force replacement of suspender cable and construction control. Furthermore, a set of design and construction is proposed to replace suspender cable. The methods have an important reference value in such problems.For the original design did not consider the question of substitution of the suspender cable on the west bridge in Xinchang, the construction boom anchoring and load transfer is researched by finite element analysis. A kind of structure type which has the holt hoop iron and fork earrings is put forward for the first time. It does not need drilling in the rib, and effectively avoids affecting the rib structure during the change of suspender cable process. So it achieves the change of suspender cable without damaging the original structure. The suspender cable anchoring form has the advantage such as simple structure, a clear power transmission, easy construction and lower total cost.The technology is researched to ensure no damages of bridge deck during the conversion of suspender cable process. According to the no cracking conditions of bridge deck in normal use, through the analysis and calculation, the bridge elevation change control standards during the change of suspender cable process is established, and proposed a control method of construction to ensure no cracking of bridge deck pavement. For the need to retain the bridge pavement but to replace the suspender cable or adjust the suspender cable force of the new bridge, the construction control standard analysis of new methods is provided. The method can increase the level of transformation and construction control of similar bridges in China.Through analysis of the suspender cable force displacement process, a mathematical model is established. The conversion relationships between the suspender cable and the temporary suspender cable force is studied based on the results. Study of the stiffness of the temporary suspender cable and the conversion of the suspender cable force is based on the control aim of safety and effectiveness. Design standard for construction program of suspender cable replacement is put forward. At the same time, the efficiency of equivalent replacement of suspender cable force is raised.
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