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Dynamic - based platform deck lifting program design studies

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Tutor: WangDongZuo
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Dynamic characteristics,Lifting program,Modal Analysis,Deck Platform
CLC: TU758.15
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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With modular construction technology widely used in civil engineering, the new form of increasingly complex lifting components, component weight and size is increasing, therefore, to develop a reasonable lifting program, ensure that the lifting construction safety is very important. In hoisting construction process due to lack of sufficient constraints hoisting system, either a tiny external excitation forces are likely to induce sling - hanging objects swing or vibration generating system, which not only gives the exact hanging objects in place to bring some trouble , but also affects the safety of lifting operations. Therefore, in formulating programs necessary for hoisting hoisting system dynamic characteristics analysis and research. Structural system natural frequencies and mode shapes is not just structural dynamic Extraordinary parameters, but the basic structure itself is an inherent characteristic parameters. Reflect the size of the frequency structure itself absolute stiffness and mass distribution, in the order vibration mode architecture reflects the relative stiffness and mass distribution. And reflect the characteristics of the force structure system detailing the stress, strain and other parameters compared to the dynamic characteristic parameter can better reflect the structure of the macro global and local distribution of mass and stiffness, more suitable for complex structural system used to guide the lifting scheme Design. In view of this, the paper carried out innovation \Performance Performance concrete results are as follows: 1) that the use of the dynamic characteristics of structural system parameters guiding member lifting program is designed to be feasible, and to avoid the past for hoisting system for static and stability analysis of the assumptions made so that the calculated results more persuasive; 2) by lifting system dynamic characteristics influencing factors analysis, the lifting point position is affecting the dynamic performance of the most significant parameters in the development of programs should be attached lifting; addition, increasing the wire cross-sectional area, reducing small length of wire rope, wire rope to keep the same length and jib crane for lifting member is advantageous; develop lifting program, the rope best angle range should be 45 ¡ã ~ 60 ¡ã; 3) the results of this study will be applied to a nickel mine platform deck lifting program module comparative analysis pointed out the original lifting program deficiencies, and thus on the length of sling, lifting points were optimized layout, an improved scheme, and pointed out the lifting construction should pay attention to the problems . This platform deck lifting system for dynamic characteristics of a certain universality, the same also applies to the lifting of other structures.
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