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Study on Performance of Steel Fiber High Strength Concrete Frame Exterior Joint¡¯s Shear and Beam¡¯s S

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Tutor: GaoDanYing
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: steel fiber high-strength concrete,joint,seismic resistant
CLC: TU375.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Seismic performance of structure have been the focus of civil engineering study. Seismic performance of a building relate to a variety of factors. Now the majority of house building is the frame structure in our country, and the core area of connecting beam and column is important area of structure, it is key point of transfer the load of beam to the column. Therefore, our country current design code request configure a mass of stirrups to bear imported the shear of the core, which is bound to occur the phenomenon of the core reinforced crowd. The author hope improving the situation of the reinforcement of the core region through adding the steel fibers to the core, and be able to ensure that the seismic performance of the core.This paper progresses seismic resistant analysis utilizing experimental results of nine exterior beam-column frame joints. Two of nine are high strength reinforced concrete frame joints and the rest of nine are steel fiber high strength concrete frame joints. Variable experimental parameters include steel fiber volume ratio, column axial compression ratio and range of steel fiber concrete in the beam. Major research content:1. Analysis of steel fiber high-strength concrete frame exterior joint force mechanism. The result indicates SFRHSC joint force mechanism is similar to the ordinary high-strength concrete joint force mechanism . But what assumes the load of each component of the joint has changed after adding steel fiber to the core which provides reserve to the seismic resistant capacity of the core.2. Measuring of shear transformation of the core and turn performance of the beam, which reflect impact of range of steel fiber concrete in the beam and column axial compression ratio to ductility of the core and the beam. The result indicate the wider range of steel fiber in the beam is not better; it is found whatever axial compression ratio is low or high is not benefit to seismic resistant performance of the core.3. Analyse impact of steel fiber to high strength concrete frame exterior joint¡¯s energy dissipation performance through measuring of the beam load-displacement hysteresis loops of SFRHSC frame exterior joint.The result indicate that improving combination¡¯s energy dissipation performance with go up of steel fiber volume ratio.
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