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Chinese Environmental Zonation Based on Durability of Concrete Structure

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Tutor: JinWeiLiang
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Concrete structures,Environmental compartments,Durability,Life Prediction,Deteri
CLC: TU375
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Durability of the environmental compartments (Duribility Environmental Zonation) is based on the environmental conditions ( including ambient temperature , relative humidity , chloride ion concentration , carbon dioxide concentration , freeze-thaw cycles , etc.) the degree of influence on the durability of concrete structures ( the durability life expectancy uniform standards ) as the main criteria , and considering the structural forms, the importance of structural conditions of use and other factors , the country is divided into different degree of risk area , expressed in graphical form , given the regional durability of concrete material indicators take value and the provisions of the structural measures . Its core function is to reflect the failure of environmental factors affect the durability of concrete structures in the regional differences , the overall understanding of regional environmental conditions affect the durability of concrete structures the difference between platform for the durability of concrete structures designed to provide guidance . In this paper, the preparation of the durability of the environmental compartments as the main objective , the focus of the the carbonation damage , the durability of the chloride ion penetration and freeze-thaw damage three failure mechanism to determine the failure mechanism of the role of the main environmental control environmental factors , and as to the durability of the environment division of the main indicators . In this paper, domestic and foreign test results on the basis of , or durability of concrete deterioration mathematical expression ( model of destruction carbide , chloride ion penetration model , freeze-thaw damage model ) , and to determine the mathematical formulation of the model of erosion and limit equation of state. Taking into account the concrete structure durability life prediction uncertainty in this paper the parameters of the statistical analysis, the use of life prediction based on the reliability of the Monte Carlo numerical methods , to carry out the regional environmental conditions , regional environmental conditions concrete structure life prediction value to characterize the degree of influence of the environment on the durability of concrete structures , and select the base city life prediction value as a benchmark reference point to determine the failure mechanism of the regional relative damage value , in order to carry out the various failure mechanisms environment divisions, and draw the durability of environmental zoning map .
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