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Analysis on Seismic Response of Base-Isolatde Frame Structure

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Tutor: DaiSuJuan
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Midas-gen,base-isolation frame structure,laminated rubber bearing,seismic respon
CLC: TU352.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In recent years, the laminated rubber bearings base isolation is a kind of fast development of shock-isolation technology. By setting some laminated rubber bearings on the top of the base, to extend the structure vibration cycle, effectively prevent the transfer of earthquake upward department structure, rather than using structure and structural components to absorb and consume earthquake energy, so it can make the superstructure in translational state basically, that is, to reduce the seismic response of structure, ensuring the safety of the structure. This isolation structure¡¯s superior energy principle is different from traditional anti-seismic structure system, this is the traditional seismic structure system short of.For the base-isolated structure, its isolation layer will have a larger horizontal displacement. If the superstructure is higher for isolation layer, the superstructure will produce larger overturning moment under horizontal earthquake forces, and anti-overturning moment is provided by the superstructure itself, so it can cause lift-off of the isolation layer and the overturning of the superstructure. Be aimed at what is said above, this paper mainly do the following several aspects of the work:1.Make a five-storey reinforced concrete frame structure as an example, using finite element analysis software Midas-gen, to do modal analysis, to compare vibration period between base-isolated structure and traditional anti-seismic structure, to compare the first six order modes figures.2.Input El-centro,Taft wave, analysis the seismic response of the base-isolated structure and traditional anti-seismic structure, through the date comparison in acceleration and interlaminar shear, to verify the effectiveness of the isolation.3.Through numerical calculation, get the limitation of the Aspect Ratio of the isolation structure and put forward several relevant measures of anti-overturning.This paper analysis the dynamic characteristics of the base-isolated structures and the traditional anti-seismic structures under the action of the seismic, and we got the natural vibration period have obvious extended, away from the building site eigenperiod, to avoid the resonance between structure and ground vibration. Based on the seismic response of two kinds of structure, we got the response of base-isolated structure approximate rigid translation under the horizontal earthquake effect, the displacement of the structure mainly occur in isolation layer, the maximum acceleration obviously less than traditional seismic structure¡¯s. Based on the discussion of the base-isolated structures overturning, the structure height-width ratio limits were deduced.
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