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Application of EPCM Mode in Real Estate Construction Project Management

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Tutor: WangZuHe
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: Project management,Real estate project,Mode of project management,EPCM mode
CLC: F293.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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It has been thirty years since China started reform and began a policy of opening up China to the outside world. With the continual and fast development of the macro economy of our country the real estate trades have already become an important component of national economy. As china¡¯s urbanization Process accelerated and the increase of its population, increased demand for all types of space, coupled with the real estate market is becoming increasingly fierce, the traditional Project management model has been unable to adapt the demand of the market. Good project management can promote enterprise development and the development of the construction industry, bring huge economic and social benefits.Meanwhile, the management mode of engineering project has been developed rapidly and profoundly, and a variety of new-type modes have appeared in the world. With the status of engineering project management in our country, we must give a systematic analysis and research on the advanced project management patterns. By taking advantage of the foreign patterns, find the right engineering project management pattern in line with China¡¯s national conditions finally.This paper analyses the domestic and foreign using mode of project management, elaborates its characteristics, and compares it¡¯s advantages with disadvantages, at the same time, combining with the current status of domestic construction industry, the market environment for the conduct of business, This paper discuss the project management and the problems. Through researching the basic theory, characteristics implementation of EPCM mode, Combining the specific characteristics of construction in real estate, the paper analysis and contrasts the difference between EPCM mode and often using project management modes, researches the necessity and rationality of EPCM mode application in our country real estate.Combining real project, the paper studies the new project management mode, from the organization of the review, reorganization and environmental management process established in several aspects EPCM mode of application and implementation to solve the problems such as experience insufficient, low management level, management staff shortage.The author joins in a large estate project application of EPCM mode, using the project construction and management theory to learn the new project management mode in order to provide reference for small and medium-sized enterprises when they construct the large property development project.
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