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Study on Building Damage Rules and Application of Two-Slab Foundation

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Tutor: LuYuHua
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: goaf,two-slab foundation,strip foundation,deformation
CLC: TD325
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Coal is one of major energy sources in our country. With the economic development of our economic, more and more coal is needed and mined, so the coal mining areas also will continue to increase, which resulted in a large number of building are in the gob above. According to statistics, the amount of coal under constructions¡¢water and railways is about 13.3 billion tons. The quantity of coal under constructions is about 7.82 billion tons (about 61 percent). In this situation, the problem of the deformation and failure of the buildings on the goaf are getting worse, so it is necessary to research and design buildings, and the deformation caused by mining can be resisted.Based on consulting a large number of Chinese and foreign research, the factors that affect the surface subsidence, the law of gob surface subsidence deformation and the laws of the damage caused by deformation to the building are summarized in the paper, besides these, two-slab foundation and practical engineering application are also introduced in the paper. With the adoption of the software ANSYS to make simulation of two-slab foundation and strip foundation under load, this paper focuses on the application of two-slab foundation in the building above goaf. Therefore, the following research works have been done:¢ÙFrom a large number of engineering practice and research results, the laws of the ground subsidence and deformation on the mining areas are found out, including:surface subsidence law; surface tilt law; surface curvature deformation; combination of surface movement and deformation; and the factors that affect the ground deformation.¢ÚThe main influences on the surface caused by underground mining are horizontal deformation and movement (horizontal tension and compression deformation, horizontal movement), the vertical deformation and movement (subsidence, tilt, curvature, twist), and the ground plane shear strain. The laws of the damage on the building due to surface deformation are summarized in the paper.¢ÛAccording to the domestic and international anti-deformation measures used on surface buildings above goaf, a two-slab foundation is designed here, and a practical engineering application of the two-slab foundation on the Teaching Building of children school in Yanzhou Factory is introduced.¢ÜThe software ANSYS is used in this paper to simulate double-slab foundation and strip foundation under load, and the ability of resisting to deformation of the two foundations is compared in the paper.Based on that the rules of surface deformation caused by undermining and the damage to buildings, practical engineering application and numerical simulation, the conclusion is drawn that the damage caused by surface deformation is reduced when the building on goaf is designed as two-slab foundation.
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