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Based on Nonliner Finite Element Analysis of the Infilled Wall Frame Structure

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Tutor: JiaYiGang
School: Nanchang University
Course: Structural Engineering
Keywords: infilled-wall,frame structure,finite element,horizontal load,non-linear,static e
CLC: TU323.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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During the present time, The Infilled-wall frame structures system is widely used in application of engineering structural system, which is often used brick, masonry or other materials separate room or External Enclosure. In the past, we does not take into account the infilled-wall¡¯s impact to the frame structural stiffness¡¢force and so on. But the fact that it is because of the presence of the filled wall: Overall framework of the quality of housing¡¢stiffness¡¢and the natural vibration¡¢deformation and displacement will be quite different from pure framework. Especially since the infilled-wall is improper arrangement which causes the vertical weak layer, When the earthquake hit the structure, the collapse of the entire structure is often because of the weak layer damage at first, which is very negative for the structure¡¯s anti-seismic. At present, although domestic and foreign scholars have conducted many studies, but in general, research is still at a preliminary stage, a lot of work still to be done. the dissertation involves the following work:This article firstly introduces the research background and importance for this topic¡¢the common failure modes of infilled-wall frame structures, then introduce the finite element model, and the constitutive relation of concrete¡¢steel¡¢masonry and the ANSYS element used in this paper, then simulated the results of a test, Comparison of the simulation results and the experimental results indicate the use of models is appropriate.In this paper, establish a single-span single-storey reinforced concrete frame structure, by changing the thickness of the wall and the size of wall¡¯s openings¡¢the location of the hole to analyze infilled-wall¡¯s impact to the stiffness¡¢ultimate strength¡¢force¡¢ductility and so on. compared and analyzed with the pure reinforced concrete frame structure, And get the open window frame columns simplified formula for calculating shear.Analysis of the three-way Seismic structure which is because of the infilled-wall Improper layout caused the structure of irregular upper and lower stiffness frame structures, analysis of the infilled-wall¡¯s impact to the cycle¡¢frequency of the structrue; analysis that when the weak layer in the different layers of the structure ,the infilled-wall¡¯s impact to layers of maximum displacement, as well as displacement between layers. Finally by using the finite element software MIDAS to check the results of calculation, providing some guiding significance for engineering design,construction.
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