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Research of Fault Injection for a Distributed System

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Tutor: CaiZeSu
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Computer Science and Technology
Keywords: Fault injection,Fault model,On-board computer,Distributed system
CLC: TP338.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The reliability of computers is being the focus of many computer researchers. To enhance the reliability of computers, many techniques to tolerant faults in computers are put forward, which makes the evaluation of fault-tolerant performance of computers to be an important research problem. It has been proven that fault injection is an effective method to evaluate fault-tolerant performance. In this thesis, a software implemented fault injection tool for distributed system, which will be used to evaluate fault tolerance of onboard computers, is designed. In the system fault injection methods based on software realization are studied specially, and simulations are carried out.Firstly, methods of fault injection that be used to evaluate fault tolerance of onboard computer systems are presented, study and comparison of methods of fault injection are also given.Because of it running in spatial environment, on board computer is affected by single elementary particle, which causes single event phenomenon fault that occurs mainly in memory of onboard computers. Through analysis on memory faults, a model that is used to analysis single event phenomenon fault is put forward. The characteristics of the distributed system are elaborated. And then, the methods of fault injection are presented in three operating systems.Base on the fault injection tool, we study and characterize the error propagation process in software from the modular and signal level each, and define a set of metrics that quantitatively represent the inter-modular software interactions and their calculate methods. In this process, the modula leak rate and activation rate are first proposed. As a result, the concept and the principles of confirming software vulnerabilities are proposed.Finally, the simulation system of software implemented fault injection tool for distributed system is introduced, which is used to verify the method of software implemented fault injection put forward before. In this system, the design idea and implementation process, implementation of all modules and so on are explained in detail. And then, the experiment is made, and the experiment results are analyzed. Validated by the experiments, this fault injector tool can not only inject many types of fault in the distributed systems, but also in a single computer. It can simulate the effect of single event upset. On the other hand, it also has power abilities to collect the data generated in experiment. This fault injector systeml establishes some foundation for study the dependability of distributed system later.
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