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A Simulation Study of the Effects of Ischemia to Spiral Waves in 2-D Human Ventricular Tissue

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Tutor: WangKuanQuan
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Computer Science and Technology
Keywords: modeling and simulation,cardiac arrhythmia,spiral wave,myocardial ischemia
CLC: R318.0
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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Cardiac arrhythmia is the most common heart disease, and one of the main causes of sudden death. The occurrence, development and drug treatment of cardiac arrhythmia are all closely related to the electrical activities of myocardial ion channels. For a long time, the study of the underlying mechanism that lead to cardiac arrhythmia has been a focus for medical and engineering staff. Animal or human experiments and computer simulation are two major types of methods to study the underlying mechanism of arrhythmia. However, the animal or human experiments are time consuming, costly, dangerous, and difficult to get satisfactory results. Along with the development and perfection of mathematical models for cardiac tissue, the use of computer simulation can solve this problem effectively. Use these mathematical models, we can validate of some complex hypotheses, forecast and instruct experimental study in cell level and thereby, complete the work that have difficulty in experimental study. Now, computer simulation has been a method that indispensable in mechanism study of arrhythmia.Based on the newly developed human ventricular myocardial mathematical model, adopted a simulation method that with high simulation accuracy and can accelerate simulation process, and then studied the inherent mechanisms that cause arrhythmia under some pathological conditions. Main content of this paper are as follows:Firstly, three simulation methods was designed for TNNP model[2] which proposed by Tusscher in 2004, based on the simulation results, we compared these methods from computing time, simulation accuracy and numerical stability, then chose a method that has high simulation accuracy and can accelerate the simulation process, in addition, the method was suitable for implementation on personal computer.Secondly, based on TNNP model, with the selected method introduced above, a two-dimensional mesh of human ventricular wall tissue with ischemia symptom was constructed and spiral wave was simulated on the sheet, then studied the wave propagation under different ischemia symptoms, and explained the underlying mechanism that cause arrhythmia under myocardial ischemia in the end of this paper.
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