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A Device of Static Var Compensator(SVC) Design Based on ANFIS

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Tutor: DingGuangBin
School: Hebei University of Engineering
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: Reactive Power Compensation,TCR+FC type SVC,ANFIS,Prediction,TMS320F2812
CLC: TM761.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Reactive power compensation on the grid has a very important role in energy lossreduction£¬Existing load reactive fluctuations existing reactive compensation devicesare able to automatically track the reactive load£¬But should not be frequent switching,can not meet the dynamic requirements, so that when the power factor of the systemchange, more frequent, lower the power factor of the system, Is not conducive to thecapacitor inrush current generated when switching capacitor banks. Using powerreactive power control technology to reduce grid losses, improve grid power, andimprove power quality and safe operation of the grid. So it has always been the powergeneration and supply enterprises attach great importance. Especially in recent years,with the rapid development of the grid and the promotion and implementation of thenational energy saving policy, electrical power control technology and equipment hasmade a lot of progress, has been widely used to get a great deal of social and economicbenefits.This article from reactive power compensation to start, First, research the problemsof the development status of the domestic and foreign reactive power compensation andreactive power compensation device, reactive compensation principle, significanteconomic benefits, and so on. Followed by a summary of the knowledge based oncombing the reactive power compensation, elaborated the basic structure and operatingprinciple of the TCR+FC type SVC, which improve the derivation of the power factordetection principle. The reactive powers control the predictive technology as theinnovation of this paper. Third, according to the research and reactive powercompensation device operating characteristics analysis, a relatively conventional PIcontrol technology, designed by MATLAB based the ANFIS control technology, so as tofurther improve the speed of reactive power control. Then, with the DSP and thedevelopment of electronic measurement technology, can measure the real-time powerfactor of the power system, according to the measurement results of the step ofswitching through the DSP programming. The degree of compensation can be set,depending on the line. Finally, the use of the MATLAB software structures SVCsimulation model compared thyristor conduction angle of the voltage, current andpower waveforms. Which verifies the SVC balance of power system reactive power, voltage stability.
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