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Study of Water-saving Irrigation on Corn in Inner Mongolia Alashan Left Banner Desert Oasis Agricult

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Tutor: TianJunCang;ShenZuo
School: Ningxia University
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: Desert oasis,Corn,water saving irrigation,water-fertilizer coupling,water produc
CLC: S513
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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In this paper, in xinitaohai, Inner Mongolia Left Banner test base, aimed at the problems that the water and fertilizer use efficiency of crop is low in desert oasis area sand land, using comparison method, systemically studied the suitable water-saving irrigation technology of corn, effect of water and fertilizer coupling, corn production function of the irrigation water, screened the suitable water-saving irrigation technology of corn, established the water and fertilizer coupling function model and the water production function model of corn in desert oasis area, provide theoretical and technical basis for the efficient utilization of water resource in desert oasis area. The main results are as follows:1. Through contrast test, Set up corn under film drip, outdoor drip, micro spray irrigation and pipe+furrow irrigation, four kinds of water-saving irrigation technology and conventional irrigation control, each treatment set three irrigation quota level, experimental research the suitable water-saving irrigation technology for corn in desert oasis agriculture area. The results show that, the under film drip irrigation of corn¡¯s plant height, leaf number, leaf area, dry matter accumulation, photosynthesis, the actual water demand, yield and water production efficiency is the best. Using SPSS statistical software significant multiple comparisons (LSD) different quota level yield showed that, significant level values between the yields of under film drip irrigation were less than0.01, they are significant difference. And the treatment of medium water under film drip irrigation (irrigation quota398m3/667m2) irrigation water production efficiency is1.77kg/m3, water production efficiency is1.43kg/m3, water-saving effect is very obvious, is a suitable irrigation system.2. Through contrast test, set low water, middle water, high water irrigation quota treatment, each treatment includes three kinds of different nitrogen levels, experimental study the water-fertilizer coupling effect of corn in desert oasis area. Analysis the influence of water and fertilizer coupling on the corn at plant height, leaf area, dry matter accumulation, and soil moisture in different growth period, soil nitrogen fertilizer content, water use efficiency and yield, obtained the yield water-fertilizer coupling model of corn in desert oasis area is Y=-571.2376+4.1250W+16.0347N-0.0042W2-0.2005N2+0.0017WN, significant test the model, the results show that the F=15.05, significant level P=0.02, reached significant level. The coefficient of W and N is positive, indicating that water and nitrogenous fertilizer have obvious effect on the increase of corn yield; the square coefficient of W and N two is negative, indicating that excessive water and nitrogenous fertilizer could decrease the yield of corn. Finally get the combination of various factors for the highest yield of corn is W494m3/667m2, N37.8kg/667m2, corn yield is738.5kg/667m2. This result can be used as guidance for reasonable irrigation and fertilization.3. Through contrast test, experimental studies the water production function of corn in desert oasis area. Using multiple linear regression analysis method to solve the Jensen model to obtain the sensitivity index ¦Ëi at different growth stages of corn, and ¦Ëi (emergence-jointing) is-0.054, X2(jointing -heading) is0.125,¦Ë3(heading-filling) is0.290, ¦Ë4(filling-milk ripe) is0.143, X5(milk ripe-jointing) is0.073.Significant test results show that F=21.16, P=0.0001, reached the extremely significant level; r=0.91, close to1, it fit well; S=0.06, smaller, use this model predict the Y value is accurate. So this model can be used in desert oasis agricultural area, provides reference for the design of corn irrigation quota.
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