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The Research of Short-term Optimal Operation of Dayingjiang Cascade Hydropower Station

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Tutor: WangJinWen
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: Cascaded hydropower stations,Short-term optimal dispatching,Field-leveling,Dynam
CLC: TV737
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the rapid development of national economy, the power industry also has beenrapid development in China. Hydroelectric energy, as a type of clean, pollution-free,renewable and environment-friendly energy, it has the advantages of flexible in run-offand operation, and low cost, so it plays a more and more important role in electric powerindustry, because the cascade development can trace advantage of the drop of water togenerate electricity, build dams can raise the water level in the reservoir to promote thedevelopment of value of shipping, aquaculture, tourism, etc. so the major river basins forour country have been established or are establishing cascaded hydropower stations. Howto determine the optimal scheduling model of the cascaded hydropower stations plays anextremely important role in the entire power grid economy and the safe operation. Thispaper took Dayingjiang cascade River as an example, researched on the short-termoptimal dispatching problem of cascaded hydropower stations. It took the total waterspillage of the cascaded hydropower stations to the minimum as the guideline, on whichbase set up the model of cascaded hydropower plants reservoir group optimumdispatching. This model based on the energy transformation low of the reservoir system,intended to improve the utilization of water resources and reduce the total spillage of thereservoir system. This paper put forward a new optimization algorithm.-field leveling,which was applied to the optimized dispatching of cascaded reservoirs, and to becompared with the traditional dynamic programming algorithm. The results shown that theformer is superior in computational efficiency and accuracy. This paper carried onresearch and analysis to the optimal operation scheme and algorithm of the cascadedhydropower stations, the main work was as follows:Firstly, this paper reviewed the present situations of the research on the optimaloperation of the step reservoir, and analyzed the applicable range and strengths andweaknesses of the existing optimization algorithms.Then, this paper analyzed the optimal operation mode of the cascaded reservoirs this paperreferred. Time translation method was applied to solve the problem of water delaysbetween reservoirs, on the premise that the solutions meet the constraint conditions, itdefined the scheduling principles of minimum abandoned water.And then, this paper presented a new optimization algorithm, which is calledfield-leveling, it based on the fact that levels a field by pushing and pulling the soil backand forth. Compared to the problem of optimization of reservoir operation, the ruggedsurface corresponds to the fluctuant outflow, the reference plane corresponds to thecapacity of generating discharge, and the pushing and pulling back and forth correspondsto the solution modifications forward and backward in time in field-leveling procedure.Field-leveling and dynamic programming algorithms are both applied to the solution of the optimization problem in this paper. The results shown that field-leveling is superior incomputational time and efficiency; it testified that field-leveling is feasible in the solvingof cascaded hydropower scheduling.Finally, it summarized the work and prospected further study of the problems remains tobe solved with reservoir optimal scheduling algorithms.
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