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Research on the Optimal Capacity Configuration of the Hybrid Hydro/Thermal/Wind Power System

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Tutor: CaoChuSheng
School: Tianjin University
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: hydropower,thermal power,wind power,hybrid power system,optimal capacity configu
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2012
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Facing the demands of optimizing energy structure and promoting sustainabledevelopment, wind power etc. renewable energy have been greatly developed inrecent years. At the same time, wind power brings tremendous challenges to thepower system. The uncertainty and intermittency of the wind power should beconcerned specially. Currently, the constructed&under constructing large windpower bases of China are mostly located in the ¡°three-north area¡±. Frequent windpower off-grid accidents bring serious influence on the power system. Therefore, therelated problems of wind power integration should be researched as soon as possible.Although there are some achievements in this field, they need to be perfectedfurthermore. Now we propose the paper of ¡°Research on the Optimal CapacityConfiguration of the Hybrid Hydro/Thermal/Wind Power System¡±, the concretecontents include:(1)After pointing out some active power balance key problems of the hybridpower system, relevant suggestions are put forward combining with our nationalconditions. Because the power structure of China is dominated by coal power, thepower system peak regulation mainly depends on coal-fired generating units.Although there is peak regulating function, the cost is high. In the long run, not onlythe derated operation extent of the coal-fired generating units should be reduced, butalso various energy storage facilities and other peak regulating powers should beincreased. On the base of existing grid pattern, six large regional grids should beinterconnected. In addition, the interconnection with foreign grids could also bethought in order to improve the wind power utilization. The power system reliabilitycan also be improved according to output prediction&constraint. Considering thegeographical positions are close to each other, the hydropower, coal power&windpower should be developed complementarily. Therefore, not only the utilization of thepower transmission channel&wind power can be increased, but also the transmissioncost can be reduced.(2) This paper researches the optimal capacity configuration problem of thehybrid thermal/wind power system. According to existing wind resource data andwind turbine power curve, the output-probability characteristics of the wind farms areobtained. After coupling the models of the wind farms and the multiple states thermal power units, the hybrid thermal/wind power system model is built. On the base ofdetermining the optimization objective, the reliability is calculated at first. Then thetechnical economics theory is applied on economic evaluation. The optimal schemesare gotten at last. Besides, the relationship between the wind resource conditions andpower generation guarantee probability is discussed.(3) This paper researches the optimal capacity configuration problem of thehybrid hydro/thermal/wind power system. Energy-constrained hydroelectric unit isapplied to do capacity&energy modifications on the original load duration curve.After introducing thermal power units and wind farms, the hybrid hydro/thermal/windpower system model is built. On the base of determining the optimization objective,the reliability and economy of the model are analyzed. According to the optimumconfiguration scheme, the effects&relationships of these three powers are analyzed.The feasible measures of reducing generation cost are proposed.(4)After considering the load prediction uncertainty and different forced outagerates, the reliability of the hybrid power system which includes wind power is verified.The fluctuation range of the outrage time is calculated to provide support to therealiability evaluation of the hybrid power system.
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