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Soil Canal Compared with Concrete Lined Canal on the Value of Ecosystem Services

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Tutor: CaiShouHua
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: irrigation district,irrigation canal,concrete lined,value of ecosystem services,
CLC: S274
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The irrigation canal system plays an important role in the construction of new socialist rural as serving directly hydraulic infrastructure. However, while meeting the need of the local agriculture water demand and maintaining the value of local natural ecological services function, the phenomenon of wasting water is serious. Most areas canal reduce the loss with concrete lined. But this would produce a certain degree of damage, and will lead to decline of ecosystem services. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the concrete lined or without lined canal value of ecosystem services,thus provide the decision-making whether lined canals.According to ecosystem services basic theory and related research achievements, basing on the characteristics of the irrigated district channel ecosystem, forming value index system of ecosystem services, analyzing the assessment method of the all kinds of the value of ecosystem services of irrigation channels. Irrigation channels ecosystem services can be divided into four categories with supplying services, regulating services, cultural services, and supporting services, including water supplying benefit, groundwater recharge, air regulating value, culture, scientific research value, the value of soil and water conservation, providing habitat value, etc. The calculation method include market value method, opportunity cost, shadow price and shadow engineering method, cost analysis, production cost method, travel cost method, assessment methods, such as C-D production function method.This essay takes Jiangdu district of Yangzhou as an example, evaluating the main canal ecosystem services value of before and after concrete lined. The after concrete lined main canal value of ecosystem services concludes water-saving benefits¡¢soil and water conservation value and the negative value of concrete production. The before concrete lined main canal value of ecosystem services concludes the value of groundwater recharge¡¢the atmosphere adjustment value¡¢the culture research value and the service value of providing living environment. Evaluation results show that the total service value of before and after concrete lined along the concrete irrigation district is respectively0.1783million yuan,2.5462million yuan. Concrete lined main canal¡¯s saving efficiency and negative value are respectively0.2403million yuan and0.2944million yuan, accounts for50.9%,62.3%of the service positive value.The air regulating value of lined canal is1.50million yuan, accounts for58.8%of the total service value. From the point of view of the value of ecosystem services, the concrete lined is not suitable for the main canal of irrigation district.
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