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Research and Implementation of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System for Transformer

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Tutor: ZhouJianZhong
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: dissolved gas analysis,condition-based maintenance,diagnosis,stateprediction,gre
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the increasing demands in the national electricity, the scale of the power systemis more and more large, voltage level improves continuously, the security and stability ofthe power system is more and more important. As the core of the electrical equipment inthe power system, The health status of the power transformer has a direct impact on thesecurity and stability of the power system. Power transformers will encounter variousunknown factors during the actual, so the failure of the transformer can not be avoided. thetransformer failure would cause unstable operation of the power system even make itcrack, has a miportant affect on the socio-political and economy. Because current timebase maintenance system has some shortcomings such as over-repair or lack-repair.condition-based maintenance has been proposed, which can overcome the lack of timebase maintenance. The research of the condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system fortransformer is an urgent task, that contributes to the realization of intelligent hydroelectricpower plant and intelligent substation, brings great economic benefits to the electricityindustry.First of all, the article summarized the research on the on-line monitoring and faultsdiagnosis of power transformers, pointed out the importance of the fault diagnosis systemof transformer for the power system, discussed the research about the fault diagnosismethod and state prediction method of transformer, then made a thorough inqury about thegeneration mechanism of gas dissolved principle, provided a theoretical basis for thedissolved gas analysis technology. With the current theoretical research, we designed thefault diagnosis system of power transformers. The system consisted of four modules, theabnormal state judge module, fault diagnosis module, assistance diagnosis module andstate prediction module. It had been successfully put into operation in Songjiang riverpower plant as a subsystem of the the fault diagnosis system Songjiang river powerplant. After a large number of on-site tests, The application result indicates that this faultdiagnosis system is effective. It could monitor the transformer running state on real-timeand provided a reliable reference to the policy makers for transformer maintenance. It hadbeen recognized and praised by the engineers. Finally, the article made a conclusion of thewhole paper¡¯s research, discussed the problems that should be improved and illuminatedthe future research.
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