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Research and Application on Hydropower Unit Operation Analysis Method of Simulating Expert

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Tutor: LiChaoZuo
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: Operation Analysis,Intelligence Report,Alarm System,Auxiliary Diagnosis,Stabilit
CLC: TV737
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Gezhouba Hydropower Plant has22hydroelectric generating set, including manyequipment, the normal operation of equipment related to the safety and stable operation ofhydropower plant and even the power grid. Operators is often difficult to have acomprehensive and in-depth understanding of each unit system Moreover, requirements ofoperators to monitor at any time hydropower plant of all the equipment running status isnot reality Therefore, the way of manual monitoring has flaw in effective monitoring of allunits of various system operating conditions and timely detection of problems exist ing inthe system. Through the analysis of operation diagnosis, found problems in equipmenttimely, accurately, to avoid accidents, to achieve zero unplanned outage and zero forcedoutage, to improve the reliability of the unit is of great significance.This paper first introduces the background of the subject and HOMIS. Then inHOMIS framework, based on existing operation analysis system, simulate operationanalysis method of expert Project based on intelligent methods model of the equipmentoperation analysis, complete the design and development of intelligence reports and alarmsystem, construct fault diagnostic analysis model of expert stability. The new operationdiagnosis analysis system make full use of the existing system network resources ofhydropower optimal maintenance information, sharing existing data of HOMIS, and showuser the results in a more humane way of statements, reports, curves, bar graphs, Flash, etc.The system eventually realizes a diagnosis system which has real-time monitoring,multi-function analysis of statements and abnormal vibration focus alarm aided diagnosissystem. and through the actual operation data analysis and fault diagnosis of theintroduction of case show the new system in the role of the industrial field and theprocesses and methods of auxiliary diagnosis which users take advantage of the newsystem to carry out.
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