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Research of Water Shunting Supply for the Final Stage of the Gravity Irrigation Districts in Plain

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Tutor: LiTianKe
School: Shandong Agricultural University
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: Water Resource,Water-saving Irrigation,Water metering Charging,Two Outlet Flow,M
CLC: S274.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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China is deficient in water resources which lost balance in space and time, so developingthe water-saving irrigation will be of important strategic significance and effect of guaranteeing nation water safety, guaranteeing nation grain safety, guaranteeing nation ecological environment safety, promoting the sustainable development of the rural and agricultural economy. The increasing water crisis in our country has gradually impeded national economic development and affected the daily life of people. And this make even more critical to Shandong province as a result of per capita availability equaling to334m3which is lower than one-six ofthe country average. In the countryside, the lack of accurate accounting and good records results in waste of water. In order to measure water amount, numerate fee in the irrigation districts and accelerate water resource used in reason, economic and flexible flow measure method should be chosen at the prerequisite of making good use of exiting water works. In the irrigation districts the pumping station, strobe and etc are remote and scattered, therefore meansof signals communication and network frames must be taken in the water measurement system.In this dissertation, we focus on the final stage channels of the field in the irrigation process by deliberating the scope of border inflow rate and the demand of easily management through farmland irrigation, and analyze the section form of the outlet on open channels. On a basis of research on a stream of one single port, we earn some diversion rules on two ports flowing, so is the multi-ports flowing. As a result of the relationship explored of water allocation when the irrigation being made to the final stages of ridged field, a segmentation method inrandom combinations of different locations in the rotational irrigation on the same final channel can be presented to analyze the impact of different outflows. Ultimately,¡°the measurement for each house¡± can be realized under the conditions of getting the water diversion by knowing the water volume through headworks and the time recording on each outlet.
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