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Research on the Evaluation of Flood Control Ability in Modern Water Network of Sishui City

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Tutor: DuZhenDong
School: Shandong Agricultural University
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: modern water network,flood control capacity,evaluation system,BP neural network,
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Water is the source of life, the element of production and the base of ecology.Water conservancy is an integral part and the primary condition in the nationaleconomic construction and development, the irreplaceable basic support for economicand social development, and the inseparable safeguards system for the ecologicalenvironment protection.In2011,"the determination to speed up the development of water conservancyreform" which was issued by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and theworking conference of water conservancy further clarified the status of waterconservancy in the economic and social development. Meanwhile, they establishedwater conservancy as the fundamental supporting role in the urban and ruralconstruction, injected a powerful driving force to promote water conservancy to fulfillthe rapid development and pointed out the direction for the reformation anddevelopment of water conservancy in the future. The modernization of waterconservancy will face an unprecedented historical opportunity.The imbalance between supply and demand of water resources is increasinglyserious, which is caused by the heavy water shortage, the population expansion andthe social economic development. The water shortage can be divided into the resourcewater shortage, the polluting water shortage, the engineering water shortage and so on.The relatively closed watershed management and the isolated water allocation theoryare difficult to effectively solve the existing problems of water shortage. In order toadapt to the current national and hydrological condition and perfect the use andprotection of current water resources, a set of the modern water network system withoptimal allocation of water resources, the regional flood control and disastermitigation and the ecological protection need to be constructed.Sishui county, together with Shandong Agricultural University compiled theplanning for modern SISHUI water network construction which aimed to make ascientific scheme for the overall objective, the programming and distribution, theimplementation procedures and the policies and measures of water reform and development in ¡°the12thfive-year plan¡± period and the longer period.Modern water network construction time is short and both engineering projectand theoretical research are in the infancy, so that its construction is absence ofrational and scientific theoretical basis. Based on modern water network constructionin SISHUI, this paper explores the influence of water network construction to theregional flood control capacity. Under the premise of following the establishingprinciples of the index system, studying the flood control evaluation theory considerfrom seven aspects, a set of a total15evaluation index system gathering with social,economic, ecological measures was established. The change of regional flood controlcapacity before and after the construction of SISHUI modern water network wasevaluated by mathematical models which were built by BP neural network, andaccording to the evaluation result analysis to the weights of the factors influence onflood control ability, does improve after improvement is the forward.Through estimating flood control capacity of the water network, the paperprovides a theoretical support for feasibility and scientificity of water networkconstruction. According to the evaluation results, it presents referential proposals forthe further improvement of the flood control capacity in Sishui water network.
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