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Hardware System Design and Implementation for Reversible Turbine HILS Platform

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Tutor: ChangLi
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: pumped storage power station,reversible turbine,hardware in the loopsimulation,p
CLC: TV736
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Pumped storage power station has assumed an important role in the power grid.China has built more than a dozen Pumped Storage Power Station. There are a largenumber of pumped storage power station is under construction or about to startconstruction. Pumped storage power station has the characteristic of high head, complexflow channel and frequently changed work conditions. In order to ensure the stability ofthe power grid and the security of the reversible turbine, it is necessary to adjust theexcellent performance of the control strategy to its control. Control strategy test in the realunit has high risk or even lead to major security incidents. Owing to the long cycle and thehigh cost of the model test and the difference between the absolutely digital simulationand the actual situation,I designed a hardware in the loop simulation platform of thereversible turbine.I made the needs analysis and the structure research of the simulation platform accessto relevant books and literature.The platform constit of charged object simulation systemand physical controller.At the same time,I made the hardware selection and design that thecharged object simulation system is running on the simulation computer,B&R X20seriesplay a role of the control system and the signal conditioning circuit adapts the input andoutput of the charged object simulation system to the controller¡¯s. At last I check theproperties of the platform by the simulation test.Similar with universal hardware in the loop simulation platform,this platform has agood platform structure.The model simulation system of reversible turbine seamlesslyconnected to the controller.We can not only develop control strategy on the backstage ofthe controller independently,but also make simulation experiments online.In addition thehardware in the loop simulation platform of the reversible turbine has a good scalability,we can modify the simulation model according to the requirement and acquire hardwaredevices of the control system separate from the simulation model. The platform has areliable and efficient interface module and there is real physical signal transferringbetween the model simulation system and the controller. The input and output can bemeasured directly.The controller of this platform can be applied to the industrial field andthe model simulation system can be used for the development of the controller.We can make research about the control strategy on this platform without the risk ofaccidents.This platform has good features such as short development cycles, low cost experiment, easy operation. The platform has certain practical value.
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