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The Landscape Education of Architecture in the Universities

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Tutor: LiBaoFeng
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: education,architecture,landscape,course system,teacherrating criteria
CLC: G642
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Although the design theory and practice of the integration about architecture&landscape is increasing gradually,there¡¯s still,however,a big part of building design that existsin isolation.Meanwhile,the domestic architecture,urban planning,landscape are the separatediscipline.The disciplines courses make a group which is a complete system and strongtargeted as well as.Because of the too professional courses and some teachers¡¯ limitedthinking,however,the students who have the background education of architecture are limitedto the narrow scope of the architecture field.The architectural education in university is themain channel to train the architects.That the architectural education is lack of landscapeeducation will affect the way of thinking and design work of architects.The architects¡¯ worksdirectly constitute the real built surroundings.That the design concept which is lack ofintegration about architecture&landscape allows the construction which exists in isolationcould be found everywhere.First of all,the author researched the classification and development course of thedomestic architecture and landscape.Secondly,the author surveyed the architecture andlandscape professional course system in some universities at home and abroad,and thenmade a contradistinction among them.Thirdly,the author carried out two parts ofinvestigation.The Part1is about the students¡¯ architecture design work in three universitiesin Wuhan. The Part2is about the projects of architects,who studied in Chineseuniversities.In Part1,over750cases of student works are randomly selected, in whichsophomore, junior and senior students in HUST,Wuhan University and Wuhan University ofTechnology are considered.And the number of cases in which the landscape design iscontained is counted.In Part2, the author surveyed77projects in5companies,and countedthe number as well.And what¡¯s more,the author gave an interview after that.The data aboveshows that the situation,which is lack of landscape design is not only been found obviously in students¡¯ architecture design work,but also in architects¡¯ projects.Considering the all in which the literature,the data,the education system inuniversities,the teachers,as well as the landscape system are contained,the author ga ve somesuggestion about the following topic:What landscape courses should be added into thearchitectural education?When the courses should be added in?What kind of teachers are inneed of the different courses?How to improve the rating criteria? Through the combinationof the suggestions above,the author is willing to improve or solve the followingproblem:Strengthen the architectural students¡¯ landscape thinking of.Improve theirlandscape knowledge.And whatt¡¯s the most important one is that the architectural studentscould design with building but also landscape method.
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