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Research on Transformation of the Old Industrial Buildings with Historic Value Retained

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Tutor: LiGuiWen
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: old industrial buildings transformation,historical value,authenticitydesign,exte
CLC: TU746.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In the context of transformation of old industrial buildings nowadays, ourcountry altitude to the transformation of old industrial buildings is "eitherinnovation blindly£¬or pursuing antique awareness. Some items can not fullyrespect and represent historical mark of the old building image characteristics,which makes us ignore the history we are closed to. Qualities of many old industrialbuildings that should be reflected are rashly done in the process of transformation,this article is to expand this as an entry point to show how to make thetransformation design to retain historic value.Here discuss the characteristic and classification of old industrial buildings andthe concept and classification of the historical value. Old industrial buildings andhistoric value are the keywords throughout the entire article, the full interpretationto the concept is the basic of the argument later. At the same time, I use the buildingrecycling theory, place theory, contextualism theory as a theoretical basis, combinewith the keywords of transformation of old industrial buildings, historic value andindustrial temperament to quote essay. On the basis of it, the paper propose thecreation of two ideas to authenticity and extensibility as the starting point of the oldindustrial buildings design.Authenticity and extensibility are two starting point in the design oftransformation of old industrial buildings, representing two different creative ideas.Based on the discussion of construction entity, the internal space and externalenvironment of the old industrial buildings step by step, pointing out the requiredconditions, strategy, purpose in the old industrial buildings with the guide ofauthenticity and extensibility, and according to the different examples of differentmethods in the corresponding level to use and achieve the transformation ofdifferent effect.Among them, authenticity design emphasizes the returning to aprimitive state, and establishing a dialogue bridge between the past and the moderntime; compared with the authenticity design, extensibility design is more emphasison functional replacement of the old industrial buildings, and transform the oldindustrial buildings reasonably and, moderately. In the modern transformation of oldindustrial buildings design, the two design methods are often co-exist in the case,the paper provide reference for the transformation of the old industrial buildingsthrough the study of the method of two kinds of design.
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