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Preparation Strueture and Functional Properties on Flexible Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

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Tutor: ShiTieMao
School: Shenyang University of construction
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: High-rise Residential Building,Gas Pipeline Design,Kitchen Reserve,BuildingSettl
CLC: TU241.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Along with the deepening of opening and reform in China, a great development has been taken place on urban construction. More and more high-rise buildings spring up, including residential buildings and comprehensive buildings.According to the particularity of the northern region and high-rise residential buildings, during the design of gas pipeline, we must resolve the coordination of the architectural design and the gas pipeline&supply design, noticing the particularity from each other. The design standard of high-rise buildings is high, and we could¡¯t ignore the design of gas pipeline&supply. There are more points need to be considered during the high-rise indoor gas design, for example, the high extra pressure, the high settlement, the long pipeline and the large thermal expansion amount, the high standard of measurement and safety requirements. The design of gas pipeline&supply must adapt to the change of environment and special requirements, select or create new design ideas, hommization&safty design.The points where the gas gets into the household have signifigant influence on the facade of the building. Because of the particularity of the climate in the northern region,the methods of gas pipeline gets into the residential are seperated into "on-the ground" and "under-ground" two kinds, the ground into household must do heat preservation. The introduction of wet gas transport pipe, the embedding depth should be below soil freezing line, and should be not less than0.01of the slope to water or gas distribution pipeline slope. Gas pipeline innto the building foundation, through the wall or pipe ditch, must be set into the casing, and should consider the influence of the settlement, when necessary, take some compensation measures.Gas pipeline needs to make a horizontal through after getting into household, gradually to the rooms need to be supply. For the commercial networks, the design of gas pipeline horizontal through need to consider to settle the fire compartment. If the building had special requirements about elegant appearance, the pipeline could be settled into hanging tents.Indoor pipeline can install the main line and gas meter. When the user check-in, according to the kitchen layout arrangement for pipe behind the meter, according to user¡¯s habits to layout the gas meter and fuel gas equipment, the design could be more hommization. Gas pipline could be settled near the drain pipeline, it can be convenient for decoration. Or settle down tube and the main line, be convenient for decoration.The kitchen¡¯s main function is to finish cooking activities, and the main equipments are washing-pool, table, oven etc. The designer should be insisted on inspecting the household, and communicate with the owner, understand the characteristics of architectural design, make multiple solutions to select the best. Based on the user as the focus, people-oriented design concept. On the resident view of life style, psychological and so on to consider problems, care about the owner¡¯s practical requirements and personalized pursuit, and make the gas design fits to design requirements.This thesis analysises the influence between the high-rise indoor gas pipeline design and architectural design, recoves some unreasonable phenomenons, resolves some problems of high-rise residential design, makes the gas design reasonable and useful, and as far as possible to protect the facade of the building and interior room, has certain theoretical meaning and realistic significance
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