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Research on Defense System of Ming Great Wall Suzhouroad-jiayuguan Defense Area

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Tutor: ZhangYuKun
School: Tianjin University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Ming Great Wall,SuzhouRoad Defense Area,Jiayuguan,defensive system
CLC: TU984.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In the Nine Defense Areas of Ming Dynasty,SuzhouRoad Defense Area is thevery edge,and the most outer of the west defense line.The Jiayuguan as "the tributaryroad for barbarians and the throat of Hexi Area ",even more important.Since ancienttimes,it had been called "the impregnable pass in the World ".Uniquehistorical,geographical background,and complex ethnic border situation created thespecial strategic significance and military status of SuzhouRoad-Jiayuguan DefenseArea. In this case,the defense system of this defense area had its unique featuresbesides ordinary frameworks of Great Wall defense areas. Especially the distributionof the defense system and the construction of the defense monomer,clearly reflectedthe role of space-time background.It¡¯s a typical case for the research on theinfluencing factors that affected the distribution and construction features of the GreatWall defense systems.This paper selects Ming Dynasty as a time boundary,SuzhouRoad-JiayuguanDefense Area as a space boundary,and military defense systems as the researchobject.First, organizations and military management structures of SuzhouRoadJiayuguan Defense Area are discussed.By combing the thread of the managementsystems under the military system backgrounds£¬to find the corresponding relationshipbetween the management organization and defense entities. In addition, subsystemsof the defense system are researched from the functional aspects. And thecoordination between these subsystems is explored, as well as the functional complex.The paper also combs the development contexts and the distribution levels of thedefense system in SuzhouRoad, draws a diagram of the spatial and temporaldistribution of the defense system. Then in the two dimensions of time and space, thispaper studies distribution features of SuzhouRoad Defense System, and furtherexplores the internal mechanism and influencing factors of such distribution features.At last, the paper focuses on the defense monomer in SuzhouRoad, draws the spaceand construction characteristics of the military settlements, and further explores theimpacts on construction features from SuzhouRoad¡¯s specific natural and historybackground.
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