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The Research on Site Layout and Dwelling Optimization of Affordable Housing in Changsha

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Tutor: WangXiaoFan
School: Hunan University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Affordable housing,Comfortable housing,Low-cost housing,Publicrental housing,Sit
CLC: TU241.92
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Housing problems has always been the government attaches great importance tothe people¡¯s livelihood issues, good or bad solve the housing problem is directlyrelated to social harmony and stability, economic prosperity and development. Withthe continuous development of China¡¯s socialist market economy, the level of in comeand quality of life of our residents has greatly improved. However, in recent years,China¡¯s large and medium-sized cities, commercial housing prices rising too fast,prices rose far more than the increase in the disposable income of residents, the ci ty alarge number of low-income families, migrant workers and newly graduated collegestudents "sandwich layer" groups in the process of commercial housing market isgradually being marginalized. In the face of the new challenges of the marketeconomy, China is to explore the establishment of a multilayer comply with the lawsof the market economy and the actual situation in this housing supply body. Ofaffordable housing as an important part of the housing supply system, not only toprovide housing for low-and middle-income families and the "sandwich" groupsprotection, for speeding up the process of urbanization, to maintain the healthydevelopment of the national economy at the same time there are important practicalsignificance. At present, the construction of affordable housing in China is still in theexploratory stage, the both macro system construction, or specific planning anddesign, system have yet to be in-depth discussions.This paper systematically summarizes the characteristics of the cons truction ofaffordable housing and the advanced experience of the developed countries andregions of changing our affordable housing system and the current problems,combined with the housing needs of low-and middle-income families, from policiesand regulations, planning and construction so on the different levels of Changshaaffordable housing system, system of research, summarized the basic law and thedevelopment direction of the summary of Changsha construction of affordablehousing. This article focuses on the housing security policy in Changsha, low-incomestatus quo and demand for housing and support capabilities, combined with thespecific instance of affordable housing projects from the project site, the overall plan,plane type, dwelling space and the development of countermeasures and so on, themore in-depth the Changsha affordable housing site layout and condominiums optimize expand.In short, according to their actual situation, Changsha, formulating housingsecurity policy has Changsha, Changsha multi-level housing security system providesa new opportunity, but also for the planning and design of the residential new researchtopics. This article hope that by the above description, summary and analysis, canprovide valuable reference for designers, developers, and government decision-makers to better meet the needs of the users of the Changsha affordable housing.
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