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Expression and Continue of the "Regional Expression" in the Process of Building Renovation

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Tutor: LiJunHuan
School: Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Old building,Renovation,Regonal expression,Regonal architecture
CLC: TU746.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Cities are increasingly update and improve,and the renovation of the old building has been gradually taken seriously.But the current renovation project often become size-fits-all model works.It would obliterate large geographical readability, and resulting regional fault in old buildings. So look for the way of expression and continuation the "geographical expression" in building renovation of old buildings become our development priorities.The transformation of the architectural design industry in China has just started, and lack of an independent discipline and special studies. In recent years, while gradually in-depth, but rarely paper has researched from the the geographic perspective specialized. Mostly reconstruction projects are from the perspective of historic building restoration and regeneration of industrial architectural heritage.lack of the main body of research departure from a geographical point of view, to the the civil old building as the research object, case analysis and research as discussed.The "geographical expression"of the civil construction in the renovation is selected for the study. The departure from an architectural perspective, the theory of regional architecture, based on selected domestic and international civil renovation instance as a basis for the "geographical expression" expression and continuation of practices. And according to the regional architectural creation of reasons,"geographical expression" embodied in all aspects of building renovation.Study the "geographical expression" methods of expression classified by six aspects of the site of the old building, body, skin, interior space, structure, decoration. Based on a detailed study of the expression "geographical expression" in the transformation of domestic and foreign construction to extract the specific transformation techniques. In accordance with the background of the reconstruction project, their region and the cause of the transformation. Summed up the practices applicable and precautions, theory and practice closely integrated, so that the results can relevant the practice.From the study of the regional problems in the renovation of civil construction, then re-positioning of the development of building renovation and propose possible strategies.In order to address the neglect of the building geographical characteristics in the the civil old building during the update process. Make the old building adapt to the needs of the contemporary way of life better, and provide a theoretical basis for the design practice.
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