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The Research on Experience Space of HOPSCA

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Tutor: CaoMaRu
School: Hunan University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: consumer experience,HOPSCA,experience space,Humanized space,design ideas
CLC: TU247
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the rapid development of science and technology with the production process, the urban functions, and living standards have undergone tremendous changes, big city business district transformation is also brewing a conceptualization of the update. In a huge building of a reduced image of contemporary, urban and architectural development of more and more like a city. The built environment and the design of the interior space began to cover the needs of the urban environment, the diversification of architectural features, cities, buildings, and transportation integration, occupies large urban complex construction. In the information age, when the traditional consumption patterns can not meet the needs of people, the HOPSCA with the responsibility of man to provide for different ages need a fashion standards with today¡¯s information and meet consumer experience. HOPSCA with rich themes and diversification of the space flow lines also have the responsibility to bring pleasant sensory experience.This article focuses on issues related to the experience space of HOPSCA, and experience meet sensory stimulation and emotional needs of the people in order to create space for design purposes, the layout of HOPSCA, materials and detail, and experience space design elements aspects, the realities of the new urban complex at the same time expand research, combined with China¡¯s actual situation, to explore a new design strategy of HOPSCA.The thesis is divided into six chapters:The first chapter describes the background of the research project, the core concept, through concrete examples to resolve the current development of domestic and foreign related topics, as well as the purpose and significance of the study of the subject; based on the second chapter in the Introduction analytic experience space perception from the perspective of urban design, space spaces scale, experience space associated factors, and experience the space theme features; Chapter III focuses on the detail of the experience of space nodes from the external space and internal the detail node of the space to explore, and a detailed exposition of the elements of the experience space; Chapter commenced exploration of the city¡¯s comprehensive experience space design ideas, through experience space design principles, design techniques, interiors and space order proposed specific urban complex experience space design strategy; Chapter Guangzhou Jiang Xinhui Jinnuo complex design cases analyzed; Conclusion made to the full text of the summarized, and concluded that based on the research method, fashion and to provide for experience space of HOPSCA in the future design of space, user-friendly design strategies and research methods.
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