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The Study of Shaanxi Hancheng Miaohou Village Morphological Structure Evolution

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Tutor: XiaoLi
School: Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Hancheng Miaohou village,morphological structure,evolution,thephenomenon of assi
CLC: TU982.29
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Village is the basic cell in the social structure of our country. In the past thousandsof years, the morphological structure evolution of village has been complicated,intertwining with unity and variety, order and disorder. The organic integration ofvillage and environment has experienced social turbulence and change, and has alwaysbeen full of great vitality. As the contemporary rapid development of social economyand urbanization, traditional village, especially villages in the suburb, has beensuffering from a great impact the diversified styles and features are disappearing,and the traditional villages of small towns are confronted with the edge ofdisintegration to the extent of rapid extinction of the regional characteristic culture.Therefore, it is urgent and significant for us to record, analyze, and study themorphological structure evolution of villages.The present paper chooses Miaohou village, located in the south of ancient townof Hancheng, as the subject. By collecting the background information such as thenatural geography, history, and humanity of Miaohou village£¬based on an in-depthinvestigation, surveying and mapping record, and interview, this paper categories andanalyzes the shape structure of this village in different periods from four differentlevels the whole village, the courtyard, the individual building, and the decoration.This paper, by applying the methods of morphology and typology, mainly studies theprocess and influential factors of the shape structure evolution, exploring the features,regular pattern and agent of the evolution. Finally, the paper draws a conclusion on thephenomenon and regular pattern of morphological structure evolution of Miaohou village, and gives suggestions on the future protection and development of it. Thepaper points out that the sustainable development of building villages must bepromoted from all the levels of the village, taking the basic characteristic of itsevolution into account and thus realizing the suitable road of modern village evolution.Through the study, the present situation and the evolution process of Miaohouvillage has been recorded in the form of words and pictures, and the significant culturalrelics and historic sites of the village have been explored, thus providing importanthistoric and cultural resources for the tourist industry of this famous town. Moreover,this paper emphasizes that the cultural resources of this village should be valued anddocumented systematically in order to retain, continue, and develop the diverse cultureand regional feature of the village. This paper, to some extent, offers basic consultableresources and theoretical reference for the rural building of the Hancheng region,particularly for the future preservation and development of the Miaohou village.
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