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The Architectural Strategy of Air Condition Facility

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Tutor: ChenXiang
School: Zhejiang University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: air conditioning facility,design strategy,constraint,feedback,integrity
CLC: TU831
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Nowadays, the air conditioning has closely integrated with the modern buildings, As the air conditioning facilities meet the needs of the building, it has also brought certain constraints to this building. But many architects who lack of the attention to this issue, accept of these constraints passively. It is easy to make the building difficult to be controled. In the architectural design progress, the initiative consciousness of deal ing with air condit ion ing faci li ty is indispensable. But just this consciousness is not enough, it demands that architects to master the knowledge of air conditioning, To figure out feedback strategy on the architectural design of the air conditioning. In order to regain the initiative and weaken the impact of the air-conditioning that impose to the building.This paper takes air conditioning which is the most likely to contact in user¡¯s daily life as the research object. Reveals the mode of operation of the air conditioning components through analyzes instances of the issues related to the knowledge are summarized. So that analyzes the impacts and constraints that air conditioning bought to the construction, as well as the feedbacks created by the architects. The purpose of this paper is trying to guide architects pay attention to the air conditioning problem from its essence and grasp the way of combination of air conditioning and buildings. Encourage our architects to create the unique architectural style and improve construction quality.
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