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Study on the Interior Public Space for Promoting Neighborhood Communication of High-rise Residential

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Tutor: LiBaoFeng
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: High-rise residential buildings,Neighborhood communication,Interiorpublic space,
CLC: TU241.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the growth of population and the development of urbanization in China, cityresidential density is increasing. Because the high-rise building has the characteristic ofeconomizing on land, so it is developing rapidly and becoming the main mode ofresidence in major cities in China. At the same time, compared to the low layer andmultilayer residential buildings, the phenomenon such as indifference neighborhood, lackof communication and sense of home loss in high-rise residential buildings exposed theirmany defects. Then, some research about high-rise residential buildings appeared.However, it is difficult to form a good neighborhood relationship just depending upon theoutside, for the high density and living form off the ground. As an important part space ofthe high-rise residential buildings, interior public space is only been considered to betraffic space, but it is actually the best place for residents to communicate with each other,and it dosen¡¯t play the role in promoting communication.The paper will focus on the interior public space of high-rise residence, exploringthe form of interior public space for promoting neighborhood association. Firstly, thearticle analyses foreign and domestic research about the neighborhood communicationand the high-rise residential public space, summarizes the theories and experiences, anddiscovers the deficiency, defines the scope of research. Secondly, the article selects twotypical high-rise residential districts to do thorough research about neighborhoodcommunication and public space, finds and analyses the problems. Thirdly, the articlestudies on the theories of environmental psychology and environment-behavior, drawslessons from the theories. At the same time, through an analysis of the space oftraditional residences in China, the article concludes the communication spacecharacteristics of traditional residences, and uses them for reference in the design ofhigh-rise residential space. Finally, on the basis of these studies, analysis and reference,the article explores the space design strategy of promotion neighborhood communicationfrom different points. For example, ground spaces, typical floor spaces, roof spaces,courtyards in the air, streets in the air, transportation modes and communication spacelevels. Then, according to these strategies, selects two kinds of high-rise residentialbuildings to carry on the exploratory strategic concept design.
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