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Investigation and Research on the Design Strategy of Pension Agency in Zhangping

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Tutor: WangMingFei
School: Xiamen University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: aging tendency,architecture mode for the aged,Pension agency,design practice
CLC: TU246.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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China is one of the world¡¯s fastest growing countries of aging population, and as a developing country also facing development problems and the aging population problem. After Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities have entered the aging society, the number of small and medium-sized cities also making great strides forward to the aged society, and there are many pension issues since it has long way for China¡¯s pension system to be a sound system.With the process of urbanization and family miniaturization growing into being social pension becomes more important, social pension model solves the family pension problem with insufficient of human resources and facilities. Strengthen the institution construction and development, to solve the aging society of China pension problem has important significance.This paper gives a brief description of the characteristics and development trend of China¡¯s aging population, and building requirements of older persons from physiological and psychological aspects. At the same time, it also analyzes characteristics and references for senior living mode of the surrounding developed countries near China and the West, and cited the Taiwan region of China¡¯s old-age care institutions successful case.Then, according to the actual research of social institutions for the aged in Zhangping city, understands the status and requirements of the social pension in the City; after contacting Centre of Social Welfare in Zhangping City for architectural design requirement, starts building design from different aspects including:comprehensive site planning, indoor and outdoor environment, equipment and facilities, elevation modeling; analyzes various requirements of the aged during the design process; investigates design strategies suitable for the social pension institutions for the aged living in the area, with the consideration of current status of the social pension in the city.Finally, looks into the future development of the elderly residential buildings in the region, hope this study will contribute a positive role to improve the living conditions of the elderly.
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