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Research of the Green Layout of Shantytowns Renovation Project in the East of Xi'an District Hospit

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Tutor: MengZiNan
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: shantytowns transformation,architectural design,virescencearrangement
CLC: TU985.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Nowadays, people are changing living environment consciously. And the environmental factor is becoming more and more prominent in architectural design,the relationship between greening and architecture is changing from parasitism to symbiosis. The problem of shanty towns has a long history, the lack of consideration of the overall planning, architectural planning is badly combined with greening layout, the inadequate configuration of plants in earlier stage and the inappropriate maintaining in later stage, they make the situation of shanty towns is not optimistic.The research of this paper is based on the field survey in shanty towns in Liaoyuan city. This paper has carried on the detailed elaboration from the reasons ofthe formation and the current situation of shanty towns in Liaoyuan city, and thepractical significance of shanty towns transforming. And in the case of the transformation of the shanty town, which is on the east of Xi¡¯an district hospital in Liaoyuan city, this paper which is based on problems of this case, gives the rationalization suggestions of the layout of its buildings and greening, puts forward advise on how to transform shanty towns in Liaoyuan city pointedly and creatively.
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