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The Research of Space Cognition and Recognition of Underground Garage of City Complex

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Tutor: XuTao
School: Southwest Jiaotong University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: city complex,underground garage,space cognition,recognition
CLC: TU926
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the development of the urbanization of China, the number of private vehicles is getting larger and larger, and traveling by cars becomes one of the main choices for people to go out. Meanwhile, recently, our city¡¯s comprehensive development has entered into a highly-developing period, with the appearance of a large of city¡¯s urban complexes, which take an important role in the life of the city. Under this social background, we often find that the underground garage of many urban complexes is like a maze, thus the users could not find their why in it. The essence of this problem is the lacking of space cognition and way-finding of the underground garage of these urban complexes. These seemingly insignificant little problems will in fact bring an adverse impact on our lives in many ways.This paper attempts to find out the real reason for the difficulties of the problem in space cognition and way-finding in underground garages, and try to solve this problem with constructing of comprehensive guiding system, through in-depth studies. Space cognition problem is a common architectural designing issue, any building or building space exists such kind of issue. At the same time, the underground garage of urban complexes is complicated special architectural environment. Therefore, studies of space cognition of underground garage of urban complexes can also be used as references for other kinds of building space (especially the same type of building space).In this paper, we start with the research methods of path finding theory, environmental psychology and Gestalt psychology; study the users and their behavior, along with the environment of the underground garage of the urban complexes. With the studies of the users and their behavior, we could find the real users of the guiding system, through analysis of their way finding process, we could also find their habits of way finding and reasons which generate difficulties. In the analysis of the underground garage of the urban complexes, we could find that the three types of characteristics of the underground garage are actually the main reason for the problem of lacking of space cognition. Firstly, the underground garage has maze type features: multipath, spatial homogeneity, a variety of visual block. Secondly, the environment of underground garage brings a negative impact on space cognition, since the lacking of natural light and reference objects. Thirdly, the particularity of the urban complexes has a negative impact on the space cognition in the underground garage, large-scale building structure makes it difficult for users to cognate, complex crowd flow and traffic directional lines, visual block generated by the fire prevention district, and the presence of multiple underground traffic complexes, these are reasons that cause the problem in way finding in underground garage of urban complexes.Finally, in this paper, we attempt to construct a guiding system for the underground garage of urban complex to solve the problem of lacking of space cognition, by applying designing techniques in a large number of practical examples, after we summarize the underlying reasons for this problem. We start with the constructing of guiding system among different regions, to control the parking location of the user and the range of way finding, and also allow the users to figure out their approximate location. Then we construct the guiding system for the internal region, allowing users to quickly find their own path--finding target in the correct region. For the last, a brief introduction of current popular parking guiding system will be provided; this system can improve the entire guiding system, as a supplementary technique.
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