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The Ecological Strategy of Northwest Traditional Dwellings and Applications in Modern Collective Hou

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Tutor: LiuCongHong
School: Tianjin University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Northwest Traditional Dwellings,Ecological strategy,Quantitativeresearch,Modern
CLC: TU241.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The magnificent northwest region, which is an important birthplace of Chinesecivilization, is geographically extensive with many ethnic groups. Gradually throughthe selection of time the local traditional dwellings have distinctive features of thesettlement pattern, architectural style and construction technology. Now days there aretwo trends in the building industry, one is ¡°the regional architecture¡±, the other is the¡°ecological building¡±. People are no longer just concerned about the living culture,space mode, as well as create concept in traditional houses. Instead they focus on thestrategy for climate and environment which contains in the local houses. Through thelong-term running-in with the nature, the northwest traditional dwellings graduallyformed a series of clever and effective response measures. After repeated adjustmentand improvement in practice, these measures eventually are improved and develop aseries of special form language.With the ecological and regional characteristics, the traditional houses of thenorthwest territories are on behalf of the trends of modern architecture. In thisbackground the article studies the ecological strategy of northwest houses from thewhole to the part, as well as summarizes the ¡°eco-gene¡± and ¡°local language¡± whichincluded in the traditional dwellings. Research methods include qualitative descriptionand quantitative analysis. Take Turpan Mazar village as an example this article studiesthe response measures in the extreme hot and dry climate from the village layout tothe single buildings in order to reflect the energy-saving effect of the traditionalhouses truly.Hope that we can guide the design of the collective housing through the study oftraditional dwellings. Through a case study this paper summed up some guidelines sothat the collective housing can learn traditional much better.
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