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Study on the Design of Transportation Space of Underground Commercial Building at Subway Satations i

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Tutor: ShenYue
School: Guangzhou University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Subway Station,Underground Commercial Building,Transportation Space,Functional I
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the speeding up of urbanization process, on the one hand, brings theprosperity and development of the city, on the other hand also poses a substantialincrease of urban population and the expansion of urban land. People have to face thedensely populated, traffic congestion, environmental pollution and so on manyproblems of urban sustainable development. The practice of developed countriesshow that a reasonable and orderly development and utilization of underground space,is an effective way to solve urban development restriction factor. Combining with asubway station and underground commercial building is an ideal mode ofdevelopment and utilization of underground space, and has good economic benefits,plays an important role and significance at the same time to maintain and improve thevitality of the city, improve the city traffic environment.Commercial and transportation are two major functions of undergroundcommercial building, in a sense, the traffic function is more important thancommercial function. The greatest characteristic of underground commercial buildingis the sealing ability of the space, it is difficult to blend with natural environment.Traffic space have the function of the spatial organization and series, at the same timeor of underground commercial building inside and outside. Changes of subway stationspecial location, modern commercial activities and consumer behavior of theunderground commercial building space from the composite of traditional singlefunction model into a multifunctional, also put forward new demands and challengeson the design of the traffic space. The research of this paper is on the undergroundcommercial building additional traffic space design and deepen.In view of the domestic start earlier on-the-spot investigation in guangzhou,selecting the typical underground commercial construction project are analyzed,found the problems that exist in the actual. The traffic space and city space, people¡¯sbehavior psychology of potential relationship as the starting point of research, pointed out that the underground traffic space of commercial building should pay attention to"quality" of change and the impact of urban space, strengthen the effective cohesionfusion and urban public space, play to its urban functions, built to satisfy the userbehavior and psychological needs of humanized space. First of undergroundcommercial building construction basic concept, development course, traffic spaceelements and introduces the functional characteristics, points out that the undergroundcommercial building commercial building with the ground traffic space differences;Focus on combining with subway station of the special geographical position, play theadvantages of subway station, do a good job in the connection integration of trafficspace and city space, building underground commercial building into a unified,intensive and highly efficient organic whole; Combining theory with practice, toguangzhou as the research background, analysis of several typical undergroundcommercial building, summarized the pros and cons of the underground traffic spaceof commercial building design. Finally, come to metro station domain undergroundtraffic space of commercial building design principles and key design method is asfollows:(1) From the macroscopic level, should pay attention to the integration of urbanfunctions, traffic space embodies its urban functions. Strengthen the barge with theurban traffic system, car traffic, build perfect urban traffic network system. Based onintegrity, enhance on the space form and the surrounding environment.(2) From the micro level, traffic space should be people-oriented, reflect humannature. In traffic flow, spatial scale, space walk, logo-oriented, barrier-free designcombined with the user¡¯s behavior on psychological needs.
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