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A Discussion of the Underground Space of Civil Air Defence Shelter in Both Peacetime and Wartime

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Tutor: CaoMaRu
School: Hunan University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: urban construction,underground space,civil air defence shelter,thepeacetime and
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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If the19th century was called the century of bridge, and the twentieth centurywas the century of high-rise building. So the21st century will be a new century thatthe human in the urban arear develop and utilize the underground space. In newcentury, with the rapid development of economic and the speeding up of urbanization,the space in the urban area becomes more and more cramped and narrow. With theperipheral expansion in the urban area, at the same time, how to use of limited spacereasonably become a problem that need to be solved urgently. Countries around theworld, especially developed countries speed up the pace of the development andutilization of urban underground space. For example, underground railway and otherunderground lines, underground streets, underground public buildings andunderground parking, underground warehouses, underground pipelines, andunderground urban complex has reached a considerable scale.At the same time, the volatile international situation and the latent danger of war,put forward urgent requirements for us on the preparation of military struggle. Citycivil air defense engineering is taken as an important and urgen t task of nationaldefense, and is placed on the important agenda. Civil air defense engineering is thematerial basic of the improvement of the resistance to natural disasters and airresistance in urban area. It is also an important part of urban constr uction. With theimprovement of urbanization and the development of the situation around word, civilair defense engineering retain their characteristics and is developing to the directionof taking economic construction as the center, gradually melting in to thecomprehensive development and utilization of underground space. Peacetime andwartime combination is a civil air defense engineering that based on the warpreparedness, focusing the peacetime, serving the society and benefit the people. Inthe wartime, it is to guard against the enemy suddenly attack, masking personnel andgoods effectively and save the war potential. In the peacetime, we should combinecivil air defence engineering construction with urban construction to adapt to theneeds of the development of modern city construction. Develop the undergroundspace reasonably can maintain national stability.It is inevitable to explore the organic combination between civil air defenseengineering and utilization of the underground space in urban ar ea under today¡¯s situation. And it is necessary to solve the problems of the transformation of theunderground engineering between wartime and peacetime and to create a comfortableenvironment of underground space. It is not only the urgent needs for the r eality,butalso a long-term strategic choice.This thesis is divided into five chapters: the first chapter is the introduction part.This chapter introduces the research background, the domestic and foreign relevantresearch results and carries out the purpose of the topic and put forward the researchand the practical significance. The second chapter mainly introduces the classification,characteristics and function of civil air defense engineering factors and have aprobably understanding and reference of the characteristics of civil air defenceunderground engineering and it¡¯s working principle. The third chapter has reviewedthe development research and the relevant approach of civil air defence undergroundengineering at home and abroad for both peacetime and wartime. It summarizes andinduces the design the key points and difficulties of civil air defense engineering andunderground urban construction and it plays a role of inspiration and reference for thedevelopment of urban underground space later. Chapter four introduces thedevelopment trend of the underground engineering construction for both peacetimeand wartime under the the study and research of the author. The author hopes it canspring out and provide the reference for the experts and scholars. The fifth chapter isthe conclusion part, summarizes the whole thesis, and discusses design strategy andideas for the future development of underground civil air defense project and cityconstruction. It also explores the development framework of the system of urbanunderground space in the future.
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