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Research on the Permernent Housing Design for Post-quake Reconstruction of Luoshui Town, Shifang Cit

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Tutor: LiaoQin
School: Nanchang University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Wenchuan earthquake,permanent housing,sustainable post-disaster reconstruction
CLC: TU241
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Wenchuan earthquake is the most destructive one with the widest affecting scope and most serious disaster-induced losses ever since the founding of New China. Numerous urban and rural residences were devasteated, a vast number of towns and villages were razed to the ground.Post-disaster reconstruction is facing time constraints, the affected population, affected by terrain severely damaged in the disaster areas shortage of materials, the affected residents¡¯ near-bankruptcy and a series of problems. Look back to the work of reconstrucion after Wenchuan earthquake, residence reconstruction is the most attention of all reconstruction works. Residence reconstruction can be divided into four stages --- emergency shelter, temporary shelter, temporary housing and permanent housing. And the friction of rural residence is not only living, but also produciong because of the specificity of rural economics, so the condition of rural living should be considered as far as possible in the design. Meetting the peasants¡¯ life, so that the residence becoming the carrier of the resuscitate of economy.The thesis via the domestic and international¡¯s researchs of the reconstruction of permanent housing post-disaster, thinking the problem of how to achieve sustainable reconstruction. Combined with the residence reconstruction of Shifang City Luoshui Town, exploring the design of permanent housing in the disaster area. Trying to conduct a comprehensive layout and planning coordination in the town, provide the residents living environment which is adapted to local characteristics and economic development level. Meanwhile, using local materials and the mathod of phased construction, construct the residence to meet the victims¡¯ needs step by step in the condition of limited resources. Finally, in order to speed up the pace of post-disaster reconstruction of Luoshui town, bring forward a proposed guidance of planning and construction in post-disaster reconstruction, and hope that will do good for the residences reconstruction in future that similar disaster may occur.
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