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The City Image Analysis and Research of the Jilin City

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Tutor: ZhangLingLing;YinQing
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Jilin City,City Image,Investigation interview,Cognitive Map,CityForm
CLC: TU984
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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In China, the fast urbanization advancement has brought the urban spacerapid development and the city form fierce change. In this process, the cityhistory, the spatial characteristic and the city characteristic in gradual vanishing,appeared the city style¡°Hasten Alike¡±: The city original nature, the history andthe humanities characteristic vanished gradually. As the result, the culturalconnotation, the city structure, the city form and the city image present the breakwhich is unable to cover and deficient. The resident regarding the city cognitionand the approval not only followed the fast urbanized advancement, but alsoappeared some kind of degeneration.Taking this question as the point, the paper exert the investigating on thespot, the statistical analytic method and the simplification extraction to carry onthe investigation, the reorganization and the extraction. Correlating the cityimage data, the paper establishes the city image model of the Jilin city: TheSonghua River leading the grid type structure in group. Then, the paper exert theinvestigating on the spot, the statistical analytic method and graph abstractmethod to conduct the research to the city image elements: the boundary, theregion, the node and the markland. Presenting the situation degree of satisfactionand the potential development, the paper carries on the comparison in the cityimage, the city function, the historical evolution and the city space. Finally, thepaper exert the utilization statistics analytic method and the induction promotionto explore four optimized strategies, which the Jilin city image having to face:Strengthening the city image overall characteristic, which seeking the Jilin cityscenery characteristic, the winter culture, the industrial culture to be strengthen;Optimization the city image elements, which seeking the availability of thenatural scenery, the readability of the path grip and the multiplicity of the cityfunction structure; Improvement the key region of the city image, which seekingthe optimization strategy as obvious symbol node and the core region spatial, andpaying great attention to the synthesis improvement strategy of the fallen behindarea and the history remains; Attention to the city image dynamic maintenance,which seeking the dynamic maintenance method conformed the establishment of the Jilin city, by getting the profits from the domestic and foreign experience.Hoping the paper can profit to the basic questions, the establishment model,the optimization strategy and the city form development of the city image in JilinCity. And also hoping the paper has certain reference and profit to the similarstudies.
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