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The Livability Research on the Apartment Designs for the Old

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Tutor: MeiHongYuan;SunCheng
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Apartment for the old,Livability,Internal space,External environment
CLC: TU241.93
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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With the development of the economic and the progression of the society, the traditional conception on providing for the aged in our country has been changed, which from family based on to family and society based on. More and more attention has been paid to the olds department that is a residence for the olds who are healthy and can take care of themselves. Especially, following for the 21st century¡°the silver-haired tide¡±; the ominous impetuous charge comes, the senior citizen society resides collectively housing question oneself after the pendulum in front of us. Although the old age apartment has more than 20 year wind and rain courses in our country, but from started to afterwards to be unknown short the time¡°the bustling place¡±, again to present tough business, this was a thought-provoking question, to the time which the should ponder well.This article through the analysis current old age apartment construction individuality characteristic and the trend of development, summaries the old age apartment design core question¡ª¡ªto occupy the nature suitably, with occupies suitably guiding ideology. The understanding research old age apartment building occupies suitably the necessity, and carries on the design to the old age apartment construction internal space and the external environment. Internal space occupies the research mainly from to occupy in suitably the space, the room the public active space, the transportation space and the service management space obtaining discussion concrete design method; The external environment occupies the research mainly to rest suitably from the environment choice environment and so on contact environment, walk environment concrete design methods.This article mainly embarked from the architectural design specialized angle, has used the multi-disciplinary overlapping research technique, from the architecture, the urban planning study, the behavior study, the psychology, the physiology and so on many discipline angle discussed in the aging and the city senior citizen lives the question. And through visits on the spot with the questionnaire investigation and study research technique, understood some lives takes care of oneself basically old person¡¯s housing present situation and cares for the aged the demand. Again through massive reading related fundamental researches and so on research work, article, statistical data as well as network, summarizes a set to have the pointed feasible design method. The hope and proposed through the new principle of design and the design method research that, as far as possible the society which is the senior citizen lives resides collectively the residence design to provide some new mentalities.
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