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Study on the Land-Saving Methods of Residential District in Mountainous Area

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Tutor: ZengWei
School: Chongqing University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Mountain Area,Mountain Area Residential District,Land-saving Strategy
CLC: TU984.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Housing problem is a major issue of people¡¯s livelihood. This thesis chooses urban mountainous area residential district as study object, and attempts to discusses land-saving ways from two aspects of "obtaining" and "saving"to ease the tensions of urban land and housing problems and achieve the sustainable development of urban settlements.At this stage of the process of urbanization in China has been the shortage of resources and energy challenges: the constant deterioration of the urban environment, urban expansion continued occupation of a large number of farms, the urban expansion of the social contradictions and tensions of urban construction land and housing difficulties; residential district in the course of the current prevalence of extensive but inefficient, land is a serious phenomenon. From a professional perspective on how to solve China¡¯s rapid urbanization process brought about by rapid population growth of urban construction land and housing shortage problems that we unban planners and the architect¡¯s responsibility.This thesis from the architectural and urban planning point of view, in view of the mountainous area a unique geographic environment, the characteristics of the mountainous area to extract elements, such as elevation, slope, aspect and so on; by predecessors important residential district in urban planning theory and theory building, such as " New Urbanism", " tight city ", the West Review of the new theory, as well as domestic and international settlements on land the successful experience of the reference, such as a collection of residential Japan, Hong Kong¡¯s public housing and so on, concluding with the construction of residential district strategies related to land conservation theory and methods. In some cities of our country, a great deal of research into residential district based on the use of mathematical modeling, computer simulation and so on, from five aspects,¢ÙEnergy-sacing and Land-sacing policies and regulations;¢ÚMountainous area residential district layout of the overall planning of residential district;¢ÛMountain residential construction single design;¢ÜThe development and utilization of underground space;¢ÝTraffic Organization in mountainous area; mountainous area residential district of land-saving building strategies; and a number of residential district through the analysis of examples to illustrate these strategies in practice, the concrete application of the process with a view to building in the residential district process to achieve the purpose of saving space, the realization of sustainable urban development.
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