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A Study on the Quantitative Sustainability in the Air-oriented Effect of Architectural Facade and th

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Tutor: WangXiaoFan WeiChunYu
School: Hunan University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Sustainable Building,Double curtain wall,Land use change,The value of ecosystem
CLC: TU227
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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In recent years, Habitat deterioration of the environment caused by the natural environment due to human activities and the natural environment of conflict, forcing people to re-examine the relationship between man and nature, architecture and urban planning and the natural environment. Presented with the concept of sustainable development, the architects began thinking about how to address the root causes of building energy and environmental impact, the emergence of sustainable construction is based on this background. This paper attempts from the status quo of the current era background and Changsha, the first review of the course of development of sustainable buildings and at this stage the outcome, summed up the trend and direction of the development of sustainable building and planning. Numerical wind tunnel using computational fluid dynamics simulation then double curtain wall construction ventilation conditions, and compared with the results of wind tunnel tests; pitch conditions and different flow wind vent louvers modeling. The analysis results show that the power in large eddy turbulence model subgrid-scale (SGS) model to simulate the actual wind field of the double curtain wall system; meet building ventilation requirements under the premise of the box type instead corridor curtain wall can get a more favorable living environment; ventilation louvers to some extent play a the wind deflector role, near the angle of 45 ¡ã with the best ventilation effect. 1995 to 2005 elderly Shashi rapid urbanization of the city land use / cover change, reference Xie et al terrestrial ecosystems per unit area of ??ecosystem services value table to calculate land use change caused the value of ecosystem services changes as well as the value of ecosystem services and land use structure. The results show that: (1) during the study period, the area of ??farmland, orchard, woodland, waters and not use to decrease the reduction of arable land the largest increase in grassland and construction land, construction land increased up; (2) to study the degree of land use in the region exists significant difference, Furong District land use degree, Kaifu District minimum; (3) the value of ecosystem services by 2005 reduced to 589.26 ¡Á 106 yuan in 1995 to 655.15 ¡Á 106 yuan, the annual rate of change of -1.01%, waters and decrease in woodland area, construction land area of ??substantial increases is ESV reduce the main reason; proportion was significantly related (4) of the study area units the ESV (Y) and Woodland (X1), waters (X2), construction land (X3), with multiple linear regression equation can be good, which forecast Changsha city units the ESV will further decline to the total ESV will be reduced to 541.47 ¡Á 106 yuan. City building niche fitness concept, build a city building niche fitness model, 15 indicators selected from the three aspects of the economic, environmental, social evaluation index system of urban architecture, Entropy Method to determine the evaluation weight, as well as the evaluation of the closeness of the multiple city building realistic levels expected target level, in order to configure the target to achieve effective optimization of social, ecological, economic, and decision-making reference for urban architectural design.
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