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The Characteristics of Building Groups¡¯ Spacial Forms in the Hilly Territory of South-China Research

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Tutor: WeiChunYu
School: Hunan University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Southern Hills,Building groups,Spatial form,Qualities,Environment
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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With the accelerated process of China's economic development , urbanization , has brought rapid population growth , shortage of land resources , environmental degradation , and many other issues . Hilly resource-rich regions of the south , hilly utilization can not only alleviate the shortage of land , but also to create a good living environment , it is particularly urgent to explore the path of construction of urban and architectural space in a reasonable Southern Hills . The subject of this thesis aims to explore how adaptability innovative design in the area of construction , and to protect the ecological environment , to meet the architectural features and artistic requirements for building community space morphological characteristics of Southern Hills , while integration into the city as a whole the purpose of the system structure . This paper not only at the theoretical level of the spatial form of regional construction group analysis, its design method for exploration summarized research has certain practical significance . Article first comprehensive introduction to the background and methodology of the study , and issues related to the concept of defining the concept and its ecological characteristics of the object of study for the subject of the hills are introduced on hilly resources for the value of urban architectural space and its characteristics . architectural design , and then proceed from the overall historical perspective , the characteristics of urban spatial form evolution of the different periods of the Southern Hills hilly urban space morphology elaborate . The key part of the article and case analysis of the spatial form of the building groups of Southern Hills , summarizing the underlying characteristics of the spatial form of building groups of the region , the last space design method of the Southern Hills building groups , respectively , from the design concept , the three aspects of the design principles , design methods , summarized , and discussed the design of some specific types of construction groups . In summary, this paper from research in the Southern Hills building groups spatial form start by analyzing the characteristics of the spatial form of the regional construction groups to explore building a combination of the same hilly environment , in order to better reflect the personality traits of the regional community building , creating have characteristics of the local flavor space.
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