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Integrated Efficiency in Hospital Building

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Tutor: LongZuo
School: Chongqing University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Overall efficiency of hospital buildings,Policies and regulations,Overall planni
CLC: TU246.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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The hospital building is a professional and technical content, functional complex, involving a wide range of building types. In recent years, the improvement of the social productive forces and biological science and technology widely used in the medical field for the rapid development of the hospital buildings provide the necessary material conditions and technical support. However, due to the lack of scientific, theoretical guidance in the planning and construction process, the decision-makers of some of the projects short-sighted, blind expansion of the building size, location at random, irrational allocation of resources, these problems led directly to the medical inefficient. This thesis is based on analysis of the health care system, combined with a multi-disciplinary content proposed hospital building efficiency concept, systematic analysis of related factors from the perspective of architectural design. On this basis, according to the principles of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, by yaahp v0.5 software the Analytic Hierarchy judgment matrix to determine the various factors in the evaluation system of weights. Using the mathematical model, the author by comparing different designs of the same project, to verify the correctness of this evaluation method. This proved that this method is effective to assess the overall efficiency of the hospital buildings can provide professional guidance for decision-makers in the early stage of architectural design. Hospital building efficiency influence factors analysis results show that: the hospital building, construction efficiency has gone beyond the building itself, it includes social, economic, cultural, and technological factors, and the formation of an interrelated, interaction and mutual influence systems. (1) control of the medical district planning and building scale, is conducive to alleviating the building too concentrated to bring traffic congestion, air pollution and other social problems; sound and multi-level health care system is conducive to the elimination of the over-reliance of the patients to a particular hospital, through a fair and reasonable The competition to achieve the purpose of diversion to effectively to improve clinics speed, and thus improve the overall efficiency of hospital buildings. (2) the entire campus, according to constitute the nature of similar into tour planning and patient flow line of the main principles of functional partition; medical area directly facing the city open, the main use of centralized and decentralized layout; volume rate not only control of the hospital district buildings The total area and height, will also affect the construction cost, and thus affect the overall efficiency of hospital buildings in terms of construction costs; appropriate increase in building density, reducing the number of layers, not only enables the user to close to nature, to protect the safety and health, better saving construction energy consumption, improve building efficiency; good medical environment conducive to the physical and mental health of the rehabilitation of patients and medical staff. (3) building monomer, a reasonable division of functions and streamline organizations can effectively reduce traffic space area, improve building efficiency. Inside the building more additional features lower overall efficiency, the less additional features, the higher the efficiency; senior ward building standard floor area of ??700m2-2500m2 area efficiency from the the standard layer plane scale with the total area of increasing the upward trend for the plane the same number of beds close to the building project, the unit beds in the smaller the area, the higher the efficiency of building complex; the hospital floor plane span mainly by plane functions of the nursing unit layout and room span of. Care unit of the same number of beds can be reduced by increasing the room number of beds, number of rooms, to reduce traffic area, but also may reduce the overall efficiency of building plan; internal functions, building height and floors not significantly associated layers building is not necessarily the highest; assess the efficiency of vertical transportation systems, just look at the service area of ??the elevator is not enough, also need to consider the number of vertical transport group and horizontal layout position on each transport system target range and elevator the number of stairs to be analyzed. In general, the number of traffic body more, lower efficiency of the building plan, the horizontal transport smaller the area, the higher the efficiency;, high aspect ratio increased more obvious when the increase in the height of the building, high aspect ratio and structural systems, architectural appearance and building seismic performance relationship more closely; building structure development trends of different structures for different types, the adaptability of the different height of buildings, and the integrated features and area occupied by each structure is also different. Select the most suitable structural materials and forms to improve building efficiency greatly affected.
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