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Research on the Rehabilitation and Renovation of the Historic District Around Yueyang Tower Area in

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Tutor: CaoMaRu
School: Hunan University
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Yueyanglou Tower,Historical Area,Renovation,Tourism Development
CLC: TU984.114
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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With the development of society, the tourism industry has become a pillar industry of the economic development of many countries, a growing number of countries and cities began to make use of the historical relics and historic district to the development of tourism. This article Yueyang Tower area surrounding this particular lot from its surrounding lots to explore ways in the protection and utilization of the historical transformation of update in order to promote the development of tourism, and how to coordinate solve the development of the tourism industry and the history of the lot and the old The contradiction between building protection updates to the update on the of related lots and other areas of tourism development from planning and design to the transformation of the building to the specific implementation of the operation to play a certain building reference. This article consists of five chapters: Chapter Introduction. Through this study the origin, background, object of study, the purpose and significance of the introduction, to determine the content, methods and basic framework of the thesis. The second chapter, the relevant theory and case studies. International and domestic use of historical and cultural heritage protection, urban regeneration and tourism planning theory summarized by domestic and foreign several history lots tourism development instance analysis of several current development model. Chapter III Analysis. Detailed Yueyang Tower attractions surrounding lot of physical geography, the history and spatial layout, transportation system, and supporting facilities, such as the status quo analysis that the Yueyang Tower attractions surrounding the lot does not meet modern tourism development on the basis of the summary of the development of tourism, the new demand requirements. Chapter renovation of strategy. This chapter as the core content analysis of the historical value of the lot, first of all based on the principles of tourism planning, mining its internal tourism resources, and the initial positioning, divided into different functional blocks. Second explore the renovation of its old buildings suitable mode depending on the block feature on the existing road system, specific urban landscape node and other ancillary facilities proposed retrofit measures, progressive organic renewal theory applied to the entire block transformation update. Finally, advocates strengthening the government-oriented and public participation. Review of CHAPTER case. Described the design of the two plans for the renovation of the lot, summarizing the experience and thought-provoking.
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