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The Study of Fuxi Temple And Fuxi city of Tianshui under the Regional Culture Field

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Tutor: WangJun
School: Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: Regional Culture Field,Fuxi cultural,Tianshui,Fuxi Temple,Fuxi city
CLC: TU984.114
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The research objects of this thesis are the Fuxi Temple and Fuxi city in Tianshui, which is the state-level historical and cultural city. The Fuxi Temple in Tianshui was an ancient temple, built in Ming dynasty to sacrifice to Fuxi who was humanistic father. There are plenty of traditional houses and stores around Fuxi Temple, which form Fuxi City with the temple as the center. Within the background of Tianshui history, this paper briefly summarizes boilingual the clan of Fuxi, analyzes the TianShui Fuxi Temple and the formation of Fuxi City,historical changes, history status and its characteristic internal structure.Based on lots of field investigation, this paper analyzes the historical Fuxi Temple and its relationships to the formation of Fuxi City, evaluating the core content of Fuxi City in a relative round way. Based on the traditional regional characteristics, it analyzes the space characteristics and the embodiment of the regional culture in many ways, such as its space structure, dimension, interface, node and behavioral elements of space structure and so on.Fuxi Temple is the core of Fuxi City, is also the foundation of historical blocks around Fuxi Temple, which has great value in history and arts. This paper drills down the space structure, space sequence, space arrangement gimmick and the form, characteristic of the main monomer building, and digs out its geographical features and design method of the characteristics pattern formation. It will inspire us for future design and remodel of Fuxi City.After the space researching on Fuxi Temple and Fuxi City, the development and reform strategy of Fuxi City was presented to solve the existing problems by employing the regional architectural design theory method, with the angle of historical zone protection and the regional architectural creation.
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