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The Research on the Open Space of Neighborhood for the Contemporary Medium-Housing Product

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Tutor: ZuoXiaoPing
School: Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Course: Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords: residential outdoor environment,the city sitting-room,open neighborhood center,b
CLC: TU984.12
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the contemporary residential environment, the open neighborhood centers is the transition, that is the important link connection. In the neighborhood center, residents not only can participate in exercise,but also can communicate with other, understand and be familiar with their residential environment.On the one hand, residents need establish in the environment of the identity, domain-feeling and home-feeling. In the neighborhood center, the independent family life should be expand,which makes the concept of "home" and "park" fully integrate, so resident is becoming vivid, warm and funny. To create a good neighborhood center space can be enhanced and improve the quality of life, promoted residents of physical and mental health, enhanced the residential vitality and attraction,all of that has important significance. On the other hand, as the place of adopting city-information and communication places, the open neighborhood center on the face of urban open becomes the important trend, and show and city fusion situation. Various outdoor leisure facilities, high technology establishment and construction enter into the open neighborhood centers, which become the open place of the information center and talking with others. Consequently, the design of the open neighborhood centers will also be incorporated into the urban design system unification consideration, which has significant meaning for the future of urban design.On the basis of the relation of foundation between the residential space environment and the neighborhood center behavior, this papers research the city residential openness neighborhood center space systems as the angle of building space research. The specific research process is:First of all, we need undertake investigation for the contemporary residence products in the neighborhood center space, through the way of the behavior records and interviews records, video recording, so we can understand the open means, such as the user actuality and the neighborhood center needs, and we reflect openness neighborhood center designing status and find out the problem at the angle of residents user .Secondly, as the basis of the person¡¯s behavior in architecture, environment psychology theory, through studying the human ethology,we should analyze the contradictions-problem of actuality and demand, afterward we put the key points and design trend of the open neighborhood center space design, and we put to help promoting neighborhood center space design experience.Finally, through the case analysis, the paper can validate the evidence.
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