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The Research on Low Carbon Urban Planning and Contruction in the City of Jilin

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Tutor: XiuChunLiang
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: The city of Jilin,Low carbon cities,Urban planning
CLC: TU984.115
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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To cope with climate change, the development of a low carbon economy has become acore issue of the whole world. As the largest source of carbon emissions and the mostpotential area of reduction, the cities will change the lifestyle all-round into renewableenergy and circular economy. And the urban planning which help to guide strongly andcontrol their functions is of great importance during the transformation.This paper has done a lot of research on the essays of the urban planning of low carbonand practical cases, and analysed the urban planning in the city of Jilin, in Jilin province.There are some features outlined as followed: Firstly, as old industrial base in the northeast ofChina, the main pillar of industry in the city of Jilin is the second industry, industry includedis still at the extremely important position during the development process of the city of Jilinin the long-term. Due to the main pillar industries for jilin includes petrochemical industry,automobile manufacture, metallurgy (mainly) and power of steel, carbon dioxide emissionexceeds seriously. Secondly, for the features of the city along the river, the source of water isabundant, and the winter is long and cold. This paper analyses the situation of the carbondioxide emission and predict it, furthermore, it provides some feasible and practicable policiesand advices for the urban planning of low carbon city and the building process.The first part, this paper gets the analyzing method and the theory of the research onplanning from the conclusion and analysis of the low carbon city planning.The second part, by establishing the evaluation index and the model of low carbon city,analyze and predict the emissions of carbon dioxide.The third part, conclude from the analysis of industrial properties, industrial distribution,Climate, energy, traffic construction and so on.The fourth part, propose some advices for the existing problems in Jilin from low carbonenergy and economy, low carbon space and layout, low carbon traffic and transport, lowcarbon community and construction, low carbon emissions and processing and low carbonpolicy and management comments.Through the above measures, strive to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in Jilin andmake improvement.
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