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Research on Structure of Lower Ordered Central Place in Changchun-Jilin Urban Integrated Region

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Tutor: WangShiJun
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: Changchun-Jilin,Urban integrated region,lower ordered central place,Spatial stru
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the deepening of the process of urbanization, transport and communication advances, the economic, social, infrastructure between cities more and more showing a trend of blending with each other. The desire of urban integration are increasingly strong. Near-field integration of urban space and urban and rural development of the fundamental spatial carrier is the the system of central place at all levels. Reasonable scale structure of the central place system and scientific functional arrangements are take important place in the coordination of regional and urban development and urbanization process.It¡¯s been a long time for applying the center place theory to guide the spatial distribution of all levels of cities. This text use theories point from the central place theory, urban integration theory, evolution theory of spatial structure. Upper at synthesize the research of the domestic and international materials, overview all the general situation of Chang-Ji urban integrated, the present condition of lower ordered central place in Chang-Ji urban integrated region, and the analysis of development. Through 1995, 2000 and 2008 three point of centrality measurement come to the evolution of central place. According to GIS spatial analysis function come to three point of spatial structure¡¯s evolution pattern. Compared with the two, the lower ordered central place of the region revealed the spatial structure pattern and mechanism. According to its future development trend makes reasonable forecasts and policy advice, and to make the spatial structure of the lower ordered central place converse to the ideal pattern. Thus assure to make all of the central places in the Changchun-Jilin urban integrated region can intensive utilization of resources, further to the continuous, healthy and rapid development.
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