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Research on the Exploitation of Underground Space Based on General Urban Structure

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Tutor: WangShiJun
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: urban master layout,underground space,underground space layout,coordinated devel
CLC: TU984.113
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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As part of the urban space, urban underground space is a breakthrough in solving urban problems. As we know, the quicker cities developed, the less cities¡¯space are. Therefore, how to rationally develop the underground space is becoming the focus of the 21st century. Rationally developing the underground space is supposed to bring solutions to cities, such as vastly expanded population, shortage of water and land resources, energy depletion, environmental pollution and natural disasters.At prensent, few researches in the development of underground space state clearly the relationship between the arrangement forms of underground space and the general planning of the city. Based on the related study, 98 percent of city¡¯s underground space plannings are modelled other cities¡¯while few of them are made based on its own city¡¯s general planning.The layout of urban underground space Various ways can be used to layout the urban¡¯s underground space. However, it is more important to choose one according to the city¡¯s characteristics. When being developed underground space, the city¡¯s overal layout is expected to be coordinated with its spcial scale, function allocation and location patterns. Different land usages demand for different spatial plannings.On the basis of the rational way to develop underground space within the framework of overal urban¡¯s layout, the thesis puts forward the framework for different urban layouts, focusing on the spatial scale, function allocation and location patterns. In the end of the thesis, the author mainly outlines the underground space of Chongqing Road ( a CBD in Changchun City) and intoduces the rational way to develop CBD¡¯s underground space to expatiate on how to develop the CBD-compacted city which further demonstrates the relationship between layout of overal city and the development of underground space.
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