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The Sustainable Development of Urbanm Planning Mode of Low Carbon

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Tutor: WuWeiPing
School: Lanzhou Jiaotong University
Course: Urban Planning and Design
Keywords: Low carbon city,Urban planning,The land use,Lanzhou
CLC: TU984.115
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the challenge of global climate change, we need to change the traditional mode of city development, the pursuit of an ideal of "low carbon" urban pattern to defuse "high carbon" city to bring disaster risk of human society. In "low emissions, energy efficiency, high efficiency, ecological and environmental protection" for the characteristics of low carbon city "in", through the readjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of development mode, promote low-carbon economy, not only not restrict city development, and may promote the new growth point, increase urban development, the lasting to improve the living environment, and finally make life more beautiful city. To develop the ideal low carbon city, need comprehensive, Low carbon urban planning theory and method is one of important methods and essential. Only through the energy conservation and emission reduction techniques to solve reduce CO2 emissions, but also need to more diverse standards of urban planning and construction, through the low carbon urban planning and urban development direction, explore the low carbonization of sustainable development of low carbon city model. But low carbon urban planning in urban planning theory system is a new field of theory and practice, still less, so this topic from the perspective of theory and practice, have certain academic value and practical significance.Just as far as the urban construction and low carbon and experience, the paper from China, the basic situation of present application status of low carbon planning, and conducts a preliminary research into the low carbon urban planning mode analysis, from the perspective of the mode of city planning, and low carbon low carbon and how to change the human energy utilization way, thus enabling mode of city development from high to low carbon are analyzed, and the transformation of low carbon city construction in practical application effect and implementation suggestion and countermeasures.This paper mainly discusses the urban and planning of low carbon research background and status quo of the research progress, secondly, the conceptual research on low carbon urban planning, saving, low carbon life is reviewed. Third, to construct the suitable for China¡¯s national conditions of low carbon urban planning study of theoretical framework for the starting point, low carbon urban planning and construction, low carbon urban lifestyles, low carbon urban operation system, the relationship between the city to establish low carbon policy system and to provide the scientific basis for implementing mechanism and technology, combining the theory of Lanzhou city planning, city planning study of low carbon exploring theoretical framework, discusses low carbon urban planning model research field, mainly including:Lanzhou city construction land use structure and layout of mechanism analysis, low carbon city construction idea, compact low carbon city model, low carbon city land utilization strategy, low carbon transport planning, land use, development, urban mixture adjustment of industrial structure, low carbon community planning and architectural design of green innovation and development status of Lanzhou, from the zero discharge of the building, Lanzhou real estate development of low carbon buildings from aspects of low carbon analysis urban construction. Fourth, using low carbon urban planning concept and method of Lanzhou city planning mode of city planning for low carbon case study and Suggestions..We should pay more attention to the global climate change to the influence of mankind; planning and urban planning should reconsider the theory, method and principle. In the future, low carbonization of urban planning, should be the blueprint for the people to pursue goal, it not only include urban planning, including all urban residents. In the future, short-term 30 years, long-term 50 years, low carbon urban planning should change the traditional urban planning is one of the key, in the theory and practice of urban planning in the process of low carbon to find our pursuit of urban planning method and means. One suggestion is to strengthen mutual and international communication, on the other hand, the combination of theory and practice, the theoretical innovation process used to practice, in the process of innovation theory, the theory of innovation guiding practice. Overall, explore and constructing urban planning of low carbon theory, method and technology of model, is for the country¡¯s economic prosperity and social harmony, the ultimate aim is the service to realize sustainable development.
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